Compiz-git and other friends on Arch64

Mmm, the new compiz-git packages work fantastically well on my Arch64 installation, it all seems much smaller than my last svn cut of beryl.
Worth doing if you're interested in such things, was a painless abs installation. (One caveat, I had to add arch=('i686' 'x86_64') to the PKGBUILD of the compiz-git aur package).
Awesome. Love Expo!


Err, I *think * the configuration dependencies are now on ccs/bcop [or something] for doing the configuration of compiz, at least as far as I could tell there's now an /option/ as to whether you use gconf or somethign else to configure compiz, I'm not sure if there are other dependencies ?
Beryl's stopped anyhow ,they're re-merging back into compiz, ( so long term I guess you'll have to swap