Commmission to Sales Employee or Commission agent

Dear all,
if i have to given commission to sales employee or comission agent then how is it possible.
Also if HR is not implemented then how Sales Employee will created.
Plz send some solution for the same.
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Dear all, I have senario where i wanted to give a commission to each sales employee. Also i dosenot want to create Sales Employee?bcoz HR module is not implemented? Is it possible to give commission to sales employee? Plz send what are the customizat

Fixed sales employee commission fixed amount wise

Hi,   We can set the commission only on the based of percentage. My requirement is that I want to fixed the commission based on per quantity. Example : If I have a sales employee S1 and fixed the amount 5 Rs. per quantity. Whenever I do any transacti

Sales employees  commisssion reports

hi i defined sales employees and commissoin generated a/r sales where i can see employees commission details kishan raoVenkat, Look in System Reports Query Manager >  System Reports SudaRead other 2 answers

Report for Commission agent

When a customer is sold through a commissioning agent , that commissioning agent has been created as a vendor and assigned to customer master  as a partner function (configured partner function), which can inturn be changed at the sales order level.

Sales employee assignment in soldtoparty master record

Hi gurus,   I have to assign sales representative to customer master record. Following are the settings i made 1. created account group (SREP)with OBD2. only general data tab selected 2. Define Partner determination procedure-SG 3. defined new partne

How to set the Description Name of Sales Employee in COPA

Dear Expert, I maintained Characteristis Sales Employee at COPA but when I run this report, there is no description name of employee appear. It just appear the Number of Sales Employee. I used table VBPA and field Name PARVW in Characteristic Derivat

Sales employee related data not flowing in standard report MCTI and VF05

Dear All I have created a partner function sales employee by coping VE.All assignments in partner determination done.After maintaining sales employee in customer master it is flowing to sales order.After processing invoice when i check the standard r

Creation of sales employee without HR...?

Dear Gurus, I have confusion in creating a sales employee without HR.. I need  your suggestions and inputs on this issue.. Note-I have thoroughly searched all the forums before posting it here .I am abit confused now going through all those .. In som

Assign personal as sales employee

Hi experts, If I want to assign a personal as sales employee for a certain customer, do I just need to make the assignment in "partner function" of the customer: to add the "Sales Employee" partner function and enter the personal nr. c

Money overflow can not display  on Sales Analysis by Sale employee

HI all! I have a problem when run report Sales Analysis by Sale employee. The value of Total Sales or A/R invoice can not greater than one billion. Could you help me? Thanks!Check this link with subject Money overflow error when updating a Purchase O

Commission Agent Address and Bank details

Hi, I know only the conduction group (VBRP-KDKG1)( value using this how we will find the address and bank details of commission Agent Regards NausalDear Nausal, Check whether VBRP-KDKG1 = KNA1-KDKG1. then get KNA1-ADRNR field. from ADRC table u will

More than one Sales employee

Dear All, i am sales employee functionality. i created partner function P1 by copying the standard function PE. i created two sales emplyees and assigned in customer master dat with partner function PE&P1. i rasied the sales order& invoice , there

Adding Sales Employeed Name to Query

Hi Guys, I have this query and would like to add to it the name of the Sales Employee that created the Sales Order, I am relatively certain I need to use the OSLP table to get this information but am not so sure on the JOINS required to add it. Any h

Change sales employee authorization for sales opportunities

"Change sales employee" in general authorizations is working only for documents, but not for sales opportunities. There should be an authorization alos for sales employee on sales opportunities. Not only for itself but also to make a sense to au

Error in saving sales employee

Hi Experts, I am trying to save sales employees in sap business one through DI API.  However, after calling the Add method, it gives me this error: "Data is not available; modify selection criteria and re-enter:. What does this mean? Thanks. Melvin B

How to add Sales Employee Details in Customer Master Data

Hello Gurus, The requirement is that my client is in manufacturing and sales. And they have different sales person assigned (like territory manager and accounts support) for respective customers.  My clients needs to have the name of the territory ma

How to create Sales Employee Without HR?

Dear all, I checked the function of creating sales employee without HR but it only generate the two request only, but i cannot create the sales employee. Can any plz send me the details for the same. Thx & Regards, PMhello, friend. try t-code VPE1 or

Multiple Sales Employee in Projects

Dear All. Can someone explain how to assign multiple sales employee in the project sales order against a single project. EX: Project - ABC-12 Sales Employee- A,B Is there any special settings to be made in SPRO Thanking you Regards, MercyDear Mr.Vire

Sales Employee Target in COPA

Dear SAP Gurus, Can any one tell me how to put sales employee target in COPA thorugh characteristic and key fields? How exactly maintain the sales employee target in COPA? Please through some lights on this coz its very important... Regards, MohsinHi