Commission Agent Address and Bank details

I know only the conduction group (VBRP-KDKG1)( value using this how we will find the address and bank details of commission Agent


Dear Nausal,
Check whether
then get KNA1-ADRNR field.
from ADRC table u will get address of the bank by passing ADRNR field.

"your request is temporarily unable to be processed. please try again later." why does this come up everytime i try to enter my billing and bank details?

i cant purchase anything until i have filled in my billing and bank details!Same here. I have not been able to download anything for the last 1 month. Im asked to  verify my billing Info even when downloading  Free Apps  & afteer doing all the editin

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Security on vendors address and bank account numbers

Hi Gurus, Do you know if there is a way not to display the adress and the bank account number of a vendor let's say in the transaction FB60 ? Thanks ! JPThat is phishing attack Someone, other then Apple, sent it to you Read

Standard report on purchase order and bank details

Respected all I need a standard report in which i could get purchase order number , internal order number , vendor name , invoice number , cheque number , cheque amount     and      cheque date . Is there any standard report available? your replies a

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HT1937 I have been asked by e-mail to verify my account details plus bank details is this the norm or just a scam?

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Hello im trying to update my apps and its keep asking me for my bank details can u help me please

Hello im trying to update my apps and its keep asking me for my bank details can u help me pleaseYou need to update your credit card info before you can update your apps. Accepted form of payment other 3 answers

Strange Problem in PA30 Basic Personal Data - Bank details

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Authorization restriction for bank details in FK03

Hi, Please help me in restricting display of Bank details (payment transactions) in vendor master when we use transaction FK03 or XK03. Thanks, NitishHello Nitish, You can protect all general data (i.e. address data, payment transaction data, ...) wi

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Vendor Master Authorization for the BANK  DETAILS

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Hi Guru,        We are running to the situation that we use EDI with China vendor (using China bank account). The bank account for China has greater than 18 characters which is the maximum limit for bank account field. Based on note 96624, we are sug

BT mistake for losing bank details but state they ...

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Hi experts, is there any way to save redundant bank details data (i.e. multiple entries with the same bank account number and bank key) for one business partner, where only the bank details ID is different? I can't do so, neither via BAPI, nor direct

Where should I fill the bank details of customer while getting the incoming payment ?

Hi all Can any one advise me where I can fill the information of customer bank detail while creating incoming payment by Check ? User want to update the customer bank detail when we get the check from customer Thanks RiniHi, By bank detail do you mea