Commision Agent

please suggest me how to customise/configure commision agent in SAP.


The two suitable options are to map them as contact person or Forwarding Agent.
You can also create them as customers and create customer heirarchy. Craete Rebate agreement with these agents as rebate recipient and settle the rebates for commission payment.
Ashish Mohapatra

Commision Agent & separate report for that.

Hi SD Gurus, My client have typical requirement. He had routed 30 of his customers through commission agent. In this scenario, he sell(dispatch) material directly to the customer & also get the payment from customer. Billing is done to the customer.

Delcredre Agent

Hi Delcredre Agent (DCA) is responsible for debts due by the customer. He makes payment on behalf of the customer on the third day from billing date to customer . The fund of the Del credre is retained till the time the customer pays the amount to co

PubSub Agent

My mac asks me after each startup or login to enter my keychain password for the PubSub Agent to use. This has something to do with RSS feeds (which I don't use, either in Mail nor Safari) or with .Mac syncing. the problem is described adequately thu

Agent is not Ready

Hi All, I developed a wokflow in which i'm assigning an agents which was created in PPOCE. when the workflow is executed it is giving a message in workflow log "No Agent is ready". How to resolve this error. Rgds FaisalHi Faisal,                

Audit Vault Server Agent install 10.3

I am installing Audit Vauilt 10.3 on a 12c database. So far, I have Audit Vault Server installed and also the Collection Agent ON the same host. So, do I have to correct that I have to install THE AVAGENT on each host/database that I want to collect

Oracle 10g Agent is not working in Windows VISTA

Hi I have installed Oracle 10g Grid Control in VISTA. But the Agent is not getting started. the trc in the Agent10 G log directory is 2008-04-19 17:29:45 Thread-532 WARN http: snmehl_connect: connect failed to (HP-PC:3872): No connection could be mad

OEM 11g agents on 10g middleware

We recently installed OEM 11g in a PROD environment consisting of older 10g middleware (SOA, B2B, Web Servers) the agents are not discovering any of the 10g middleware for "targets"... 10g databases OK but not 10g Middleware, any suggestions? I

NAC Agent Problem

Hi, recently i am facing a probelm with NAC agent , it does not check for the updates when the user is login , there is a massege come ( please check the attchments ) . please help me !!!Recently , when the user is loging off & loging on , the NAC ag

Agent determination failed

HI I am using a rule with responsibilities created through PFAC in the loans workflow. We upgrading are from 4.6c to ECC.6 The workflow and rule use to work well in 4.6c. In ECC 6 ,Simulating the rule works fine,but when running the workflow an error

Workspace agent service

Hi, Is the agent service supposed to be in the list of services after the installation or does it appear after the configuration? ThanksHi, It should be there after you configure reporting & analysis. Cheers John

ODI agent may not running

dear all, odi agent test successfully, update the scheduling successfully but when pressing the scheduling information it give error "ODI agent may not running" kindly solve the issue regards NaseerHi Ratish, Following are the things i did and t

OEM Agent will not Start

Hello, We have a OMS environment running on Linux. We have performed a Fresh Install (using OEM) of a Agent to a HPUX server. We have tried 'emctl stop', 'emctl start' and 'emctl secure' commands. They all fail. We have performe

J2EE Policy Agent Jars

Hi, Could anyone who has installed a J2EE Policy Agent please send me the following jar files zipped up. My email address is [email protected] thanks for your help. /opt/SUNWam/j2ee_agents/lib/am_agent_sdk_2_1.jar /opt/SUNWam/j2ee_agents/lib/am_agent

Pb with agent started successfully and stopped unexpectedly

Hi, I've got a problem with an agent installed on a w2000 server. the host, the listener is running and databases are discovered normally and following agent, everithing is up. After few minutes, in the grid control, database seems down (but it's not

ODI Agent Start Up Failure

Hi All, I have installed and configured ODI 11g I have performed following tasks 1) Created Master Repository 2) Connected User for the ODI 3) Created Work Rep 4) Created Physical as well as logical agent Before I have started the agent I have perfor

Agent not starting

Hi, I uninstalled ODI( and reinstalled it again. I was able to set up the master and work repository. But when I try to run the agent, I am getting the below message and nothing happens after this. D:\Oracle\oracledi\bin>agentscheduler "-

10G agent in 9i target

Hello, Is any one tried to install the 10g agent in 9i targets. Will it work? I am little concern that the agent will mess up the existing installation. Even though the oracle home will be different I would like to get some advice from you all. Thank

What should be the logger name for Dispatcher Flush agent?

Hi, I was trying to setup logging configuration so that the log for Replication agents can be saved on file system. I was able to do it using the logger What would be the logger for Dispatcher Flush Agent if I ne

Attribute missing (Attributes and management agents)

I'm new to FIM, and even as I've read and searched the web - I can't quite figure this one out (don't have a proper training environment yet so I can test this). I've got a case where one of the Management Agents is missing data for a employee. It's