Color settings between the Mini and Dell monitor

I got my new Mac Mini Intel Solo yesterday and hooked it up to my Dell 20" widescreen flat-panel. As soon as my screen popped up, the color scheme was waaaay off. It was too red. So I messed with all different kinds of color settings on the monitor itself and then tried to calibrate the monitor through OS X. Nothing worked and I couldn't get the settings right. Can someone help me? Is there a standard setting that works or is there a site I can go to with a bunch of different color settings I can try? It's really frustrating!!!
Thanks in advance for any help!


What exactly do you mean by "the color scheme was waaaay off"?
The general setup of you display should be…
1) Display internal setting to default with the Colour Setting set to either PC Standard Preset or Mac Standard Preset (I found the Mac preset somewhat warmer/redder than the PC) and the Brightness set to your liking.
2) Mac OS X set to use the DELL 2005FPW (or whatever is the default colour profile that matches your model) in the Displays System Preference.
This will work for most people.