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I've a problem,i do implement a BADI but  how do i get total entry of materials in CO11N goods movement while save.


Please check,
The following exits are available for CO11N:
Enhancements in order confirmation
Process order conf.: Calculate cust.specific default valuesCONFPI02
Process order confirmation: Customer spec. input checks 1CONFPI03
Process order conf.: Cust. spec. check after op. selectionCONFPI04
Process order conf.: Customer specific input checks 2CONFPI05
Process order conf.: Cust. spec. enhancements when savingCONFPI06
Process order confirmation: Actual data transferCONFPM01
PM/SM order conf.: Determine cust. specific default valuesCONFPM02
PM/SM order confirmation: Customer specific input checks 1CONFPM03
PM/SM order conf.: Cust. spec. check after op. selectionCONFPM04
PM/SM order conf.: Customer specific input check 2CONFPM05
PM/SM order conf.: Cust. specific enhancements when savingCONFPP01
PP order conf.: Determine customer specific default valuesCONFPP02
PP order conf.: Customer specific input checks 1CONFPP03
PP order conf.: Cust. specific check after op. selectionCONFPP04
PP order conf.: Customer specific input checks 2CONFPP05
PP order conf.: Customer specific enhancements when savingCONFPP06
PP Order Confirmations: Actual Data Transfer CONFPP07
Single Screen Entry: Inclusion of User-Defined SubscreensCONFPS01
PS confirmation: Determine customer specific default valuesCONFPS02
PS confirmation: Customer specific input checks 1CONFPS03
PS confirmation: Customer specific check after op. selection
PS confirmation: Customer specific input checks 2CONFPS05
PS confirmation: Customer specific enhancements when saving
Go to CMOD and create a customr project assigning the relevant for your case enhancemnt
Hiren K.Chitalia,

CO11N - controlling GR Storage Bin

First off, We do NOT use batches with our production orders. We would like to be able to control what STORAGE BIN within a storage location a gr from CO11N will be stored to.  Currently all production orders automatically create a transfer order (mvm

Simultaneous notifications of the same order with the CO11N

Hello PP Team I have a problem Notifying with the transaction CO11N, exists the possibility that from several working places is notifying at the same time the same production order. What happens with SAP's standard is that it they appears a mistake:

Diff between CO11N & CO15?

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Hi, please advise is it necessary to mention the u201Cexecution start date and timeu201D and u201Cexec finish date and timeu201D in co11n screen while conforming the hours. Say, if we enter 1 hr as labor activity, whether this 1 hr should match with

Want to Restrict in Production Confirmation CO11N

Hi,      I got a Temporary requirement. The Scenario Note - I am not running MRP Directly creating production Order using CO01. Production Confirmation using CO11N. I want to restrict the Production Confirmation suppose i am creating Produ

Restriction to delete goods movement data during confirmation thru CO11N

hello all Please let me know how to prevent the user to delete the rows in goods movement screen during confirmation through transaction CO11N ,as users are able to confirm without goods issue by deleting that rows. Should we contact basis person for

In CO11N, no auto goods receipt & issues for materials having serial number

Hi, I had activated for auto GR and backflushing for materials to happen auto GR and issue during confirmation - CO11N, FG material w/o serial number are auto receipted and SFG materials w/o serial number are auto issued during confirmation. But auto

CO11N - Runtime Error

Hi, I am getting a runtime error when I try to confirm an operation using CO11N transaction. First, I get this alert message - System status CNF (Confirmed) is active for object ACT 1001585 0010. When this status is active, the system issues a warnin

Need User-Exit / Badi For CO11N selection screen

Hello Gurus, I need to add an extra functionality in the selection screen of the Tcode CO11N .Can you suggest some user exit or badi for the same . The Functionality is : We need to make the field 'Reason' as mandatory whenever there is an entry in t

CO11N - User exit - secondary process

dear sir, i have a problem in confirmation for secondary (control key PP02) operation, some shop floor person doing confirmation entry before goods rec'd entry into particular pruchase orders. i want control by this issue, once purchase order closed

CO11N,Restrict modify consume material QTY

Hi gurus, In our company,all material used as backflush material. So when do CO11N, the material consumed automaticallly. In fact, when do Co11N, user can modify the consume mateiral QTY more or less. We want to restrict user to modify the QTY, and o

Reg. Stock of material through CO11N confirmation

Dear Experts I am doing confirmation entry in CO11N, Stock is not coming to stock overview screen, there is no stock. Pls help, what to do for that to bring the stock. Thanks Rajakumar.KDear Raja, If you are using Blackflush indicator then automatica

Automatic Goods movement from CO11N for serialized materials

Hello, I'm dealing with confirmation of discrete production orders. When I confirm last operation, the system has to post Good Receipt automatically but materials are serialized, so I know I cannot use flag "Automatic GR" in control key. My requ

Operation Wise Scrap CO11N

Hello Experts, The  issue is, let say we have 7 operation for producing particular SFG or FG. At operation 0030 some qty got rejected due to some reason. Now user want to put the rejected  qty in CO11N screen with reason of rejection and in next oper

Goods movement button not visible in CO11N

Hi, i am not able to see goods movement button CO11N transaction as shown below in one if my IDES server.... what settings we need to do for this so that goods movement button is visible like below... Thanks KumarHi AKS AKS, I am working on a ides se

Enter more than one personnel number for the same confirmation in CO11N

More than one labor working on Machine work center simultaneously. So that during production orders confirmation in CO11N we need to enter more than one personnel number for the same confirmation but in CO11N the system allow me to enter only one per

CO11N - goods movements button

At TX CO11N is a button called Goods Movement and i need to know if Ican disable that button? and provide access to a limited group of users. Thanks in advance!Dear , Goto OPK0-Define single entry confirmation screen -Slect the SAP0001 screen -Slecct


Dear all, In co11n screen i enter the yield and scrap quantity.I am able to trace the yield quantity through 101 mov  but how can I trace the scrap quantity? Kindly helpHi , This entry is nothing but the process loss. If you  disply the confirmation

CO11N Errors:Depend. goods mvemnt. was incorrect & Deficit of SL Unres.-use

Dear Colleagues, When trying to confirm a particular order on CO11N,users came across these error 2 messages: A) Depend. goods mvemnt. was incorrect B) Deficit of SL Unrestricted-use 2 PCS : (Matnr No) (Cost centre) Message no. M7021 I think they hav