CM25 via IW37N shows duplicate operations

I created a Work center with two capacity category say A anb B. Here A is assigned to scheduling capacity. I have some orders created and released and processed.
Now i check CM25, using Work center and plant, it displays the operations correctly, but when i check the same via IW37N - Goto Planning board, it displays two items in work center column and duplicate operations are displayed.
I feel this duplicate operation is because of two work center capacity, but why is the difference when i approach same functions with two transaction.
Is it a bug in the code of standard SAP or do SAP gives any document for the same.
- Pithan


when ever i go to CM25 , it asks me the profile, i have given the same profile. Still i have the issue.
Also i have checked with different profiles, still i am facing the same issue.
- Pithan