Clips randomly need re-render?

I'm working with some sequences in FCP7 and sometimes, when I make a small tweak to something as simple as an audio track, suddenly several (random) clips in the sequence will require re-rendering of video - stuff I didn't come close to touching. This is painfully frustrating. Has anyone run into this before? Am I missing something?


Let's start at the beginning.
What codec does your footage use?
Does your Easy Setup and Sequence Setting match that codec?
Is the footage codec even one of the options listed in Easy Setup?
Where is the footage located on your computer?
What location are render files being saved to?

ProRes clips need to render in FCP X

I'm shooting with a Canon, which outputs .mts files but I convert them to 4:2:2 HQ ProRes before importing into FCP X. However, when I drop them into the timeline they still take time to render. The timeline specs were alread set by the first clip I

Why do i still need to render if in prores422lt?

i was wondering why i still need to render in a timeline that is 422LT and the clip i just dropped in is also 422LT? is it because the clip isn't the same dimensions as the timeline? for example my timeline is 1920, but the clip i am dropping in is f

Need to render titles evertime project is opened

Hi Just a quick question on rendering titles. If I save a project file where all the titles are rendered, can anybody tell why when I open it again there are red lines (need to render) over all the titles in the project? Thanks CraigCraig, Yes, Title

Do I need to render before saving?

Hi, Do I need to render the video before the final render in the output format I want? As I add titles and effects, I'm currently rendering the video - primarily because it's easier for me to work on the project if I can watch smoother video. At the

Error exporting... Says I need to render but I already have!

When I go to export my project as an MPEG 2, red bars appear over the timeline as if I haven't rendered and I get a message telling me that I need to render before exporting. I have rendered the project so I have no idea what the problem is. It will

I have only a few clips that need to be up resed

I read the Ken Stone article on working in low res, but in order to up-res, you have to create an entire offline sequence. I only have a few clips that were captured at OfflineRT (photo jpeg), I cut them in to a full-res sequence, now how do I select

Making i movie trailer on last clip that needs to be optimised help!

making i movie trailer, on last clip have alert that says clip needs to be optimized  help!Right-click on the clip (or Control-click) and see if it offers to optimize. If so, say Yes. You can also right-click on the clip in the Event and see if it of

IPod Touch 4th Gen all have diff. fps. Need to render all in FCP?!

I have an iPod Touch 4th Gen and am trying to edit the videos taken on it on Final Cut Pro 6. But, I noticed all of the videos have different fps (frames per second). Do I literally have to render out all of them so I can view it? Or is there in opti

Using 2 green screen clips and need to resize as one

I am using 2 green screen clips - one is a prop and the other shows kids.  I have successfully loaded both into the Premiere timeline.  I would like for the two to act as one so that I can resize them at the same time so I can zoom in on the kids.  

Need to render the edit button when table is not Empty

Hi, I want to render the edit button , only when we have some records in the table to is there a way to check the view is empty or has some records in the backing bean of my page.Please suggest me,if u have some deas which would work.. than

IPhone randomly needing restore and then not letting me?

Ok, so my four week old iphone 3gs just up and stopped working. i got an alert on the iphone screen saying "iphone cannot make or receive calls. restore in itunes" so i tried restoring it and it didnt work. i updated my itunes, tried again, and

Running commands with powershell - randomly need to press Enter for the command to continue

Hi, I have noticed quiet a few times now that when i run some commands in a powershell window, the execution seems to hang and if i press enter the rest of the command is executed. It does it for such as simple thing as xcopy \\source \\dest repadmin

"RT still cache is full" need to render real-time titles

So I have this problem where at a certain point in my sequence title effects that normally don't need to be rendered suddenly do for the rest of the sequence's duration. when I hold my cursor over the red bars above the timeline is says "RT still cac

Frame rate problems on clip, noob needs help

Hey everyone, I don't have much background in video edit and absolutely no training so if there are some really simple things that I might be overlooking, don't be afraid to suggest them. Basically my project consists of 3 different file types: 720p

Movie clip buttons, needs a bigger "hit area"

I made some custom buttons in flash cs5 and AS3.  How do I increase the hit area on the buttons?  Thanks!I think what is happening is that the buttonMode=true; the child will recieve the mouse event instead.  Try this: placemcinstancehere.buttonMode

Render memory

Hi, I seem to experience strangeness with FCP needing to render files quite often... for example, I created a sequence with a video clip that needed to be rendered. I rendered it-- Then I created another sequence and nested the previous sequence in i

AVI clips from my digicam need rendering?

Maybe this is a newbie question, I just don't know. My video source is a digicam that produces AVI files. I can bring these into FC Express just fine, I can play them in real time in the Viewer pane. I then drag a clip(s) into the Canvas to create my

Exporting HDV to a non-render needing format

Hi everyone, I'm a long time FCP user, but new to HDV. Here is what I'm doing: Shot 1080/24p footage on Canon HDV20. Imported it into FCP 5.1 on the 1080/24p Easy Setup. Currently need to render everything on the timeline when editing. A friend menti

Can't render preview on some clips

In my timeline I've got a bunch of clips - some have yellow lines above them in the render bar, some red, some green.  And then some have no lines at all, it's these that are the problem. When I tell it to 'render preview' it will make all the clips