Client Screen Resolution

I think there may not be a way around this but i figured Id ask.
I have a 13" MacBook, my fiance a 24" iMac.
Trying to use Illustrator on my baby screen is no fun at all. I dont have the right hardware to try to connect my mac to his and use his screen as a monitor (could I even do that?)
I was looking for and option without having to buy a monitor.
I installed ARP (3.3) on his computer and connected to mine, looks great and is not really a delay that I thought there would be.
But I didn't think that the screen resolution would be limited to what the laptop can handle 1280 x 800
any trick or work around to be able to view my screen on the laptop as large as his monitor (1920 x 1200)
Hope I explained well.


Toggling the "fit screen in window" button will change between a scaled and a scrolling view of the target machine.