Clearing disks from optical reader

My son placed a mini CD in the optical drive not realizing it needed to be put in a tray with a PC. He tried to eject the mini-CD, but it would neither load or eject. He then added an audio CD to try to extract the mini-CD and now they are both in the optical drive and will not eject.
Any suggestions help eject the CD's?


Other than trying to burn at a lower speed I suspect that there is little you can do. You could try a third-party disc burning application like Toast but that would be a lot more expensive that just trying several different types of media.
If you have an Apple Store nearby then you could probably take your disc to the store and try them in another MacBook at the store (it looks like you are using RW media, so you could rewrite them after these tests).
Of course, if after trying a few different brands you still find that you are having problems then you may just have a hardware problem with your MacBook's Superdrive. I suppose that you could also have a software conflict. Have you tried creating a new user account to see if the disc can be burned there (as a test)?