Clean up itunes folders in windows7

Hello all,  I have recently uninstalled and reinstalled itunes to the computer a few times. 
There are now multiple "Previous itunes library", "album artwork" and "itunes media" folders on the computer.
I like to keep things organized.  In the left tree structure you can see 3 "previous itunes library" folders.  This makes me crazy.  Whats would be the correct one's if any to delete? 


You need Doug's applescript - "Super Remove Dead Tracks" You can get it here -

Reinstalling Windows 7 - What iTunes folders do I need to backup?

Hi Guys, I am going to reinstall Windows7 onto my laptop, but I need to know what folders I need to backup for both my wifes login and mine. I have a home server with all the music on, aswell as some itunes stuff (Backups, apps etc within the iTunes

Duplicate iTunes Folders within One iTunes folder

Multiple iTunes folders with some artists and songs duplicated.  Consolidating doesn't clean it up.  We'll have one iTunes folder with most of the same songs stored under another iTunes folder but it's impossible to see what's overlapping.  It's a to

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(Discussion Reply Requested ) Please HELP join these 2 iTunes folders in Windows 7 preserving album artwork & "tags" I have searched and not found an up to date understandable answer as how to join 2 working portable same (apple ID) user iTu

How do I consolidate multiple Itunes folders on one computer?

I had a mishap with my external hard drive (I didn't know how to use it properly..yup USER ERROR!) so I have three different Itunes folders intertwined in my music folders with different previous Itunes libraries.  I made a backup of the entire music

2 iTunes folders on one computer, 1 iPod - does it work?

This part seems to work: putting one iTunes folder into the users>music folder at a time, with the other iTunes folder (containing its own iTunes Music folder and library) into a folder located elsewhere on the computer. If I just switch the entire i

Support for iTunes folders?

Anyone know when Apple will support iTunes folders on an iPod? It was a great feature addition with iTunes allowed me to organize my music in a folder structure so that, for example, I could put all Beatles music together. Unforunately, none of this

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Before I mention anything else: - Running on Windows 7 64-bit with a 1.3GHz processor. My baby's getting old, but my only problems besides iTunes 11 in the past year was some lag playing Skyrim. - My iTunes library is tiny. We're talking less than 25

Reorganize and Reconnect iTunes folders

Using iTunes 8.1, and I have an extensive library that I organize myself (I don't allow iTunes to auto-organize). Currently my directory structure is: /My_Music/Artist/Album/ My library has gotten so big that I'd like to organize it with alphabetical

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I've installed the new updated Itunes 10.7 but can't start it up. An error message from startmeny appears saying that; it cannot access the element the shortcut is reffering to. You might not have accessing rights. I've translatet the messagetext fro

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I transferred my Itunes library to an external hard drive everything seems to be working fine except I went to delete my Itunes library from my computer hard drive and I see folders that are different from the ones in the new location (external HD) I

Syncing iTunes folders?

ITunes 5 allows you to organize music in folders. I don't see anyway to sync them with the iPod (just playlists in these folders). Do I miss anything? or do we have to wait for further iTunes updates?Open iTunes Preferences. Click the iPod tab. Selec

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I've just installed itunes ( on a Windows7 machine . When I try to access iTunes "help" I get error message : Not Found The requested URL /itunes/win/10.5/ was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.3 (Oracle) Server at P

Organising itunes folders

          I have discovered the iTunes Music folder (inside the iTunes folder in the Music folder) does not reflect the Library or playlists in iTunes: items are either missing from any particular folder; in other folders; or duplicated in other fold

Is there a utility that cleans up itunes?

Is there a utility program available that automatically cleans up things like band names... The Hollies to Hollies... makes all the genre uniform for a group/performer, corrects spelling... etc??? ThanksI am not aware of anything like that but you ca

How do I EFFECTIVELY transfer saved iTunes folders on extDrive 2 new comp?

SLIM   Windows Vista   Allright. I really really appreciate if any one could help. I HAD a very large, very well organized itunes library. I had spent hundred of hours organizing and cleverly creating playlists out of my huge library. SUDDENLY I Got

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I have a large library of both itunes format and MP3 format music that I do not want to keep on my internal hard drive.  I have an external drive but I think I have messed up the files and noe itunes will not recognise my librarySee TS1538: iOS: Devi

Two External Hard Drives and Itunes folders

How do I make my imac access two external hard drives that contain ALL my itunes music?Can I have an external hard drive with all of my itunes and use them in itunes as long as it is on? But here is the real question, can this be done without have an

Deleting old iTunes folders on new computer?

I just got a new iMac and started up from the last backup I did from my previous PowerBook. Not sure this was here before but now in Finder>Music>iTunes there is a folder that says Previous iTunes Libraries. Can I delete this, why would I need? Anyt

How do I move my saved Mail, iPhoto, and iTunes folders to a new account on the same hard drive?

My home folder is corrupted.  I created a new user account and it seems to be fine.  I'd like to transfer all my data files to my new account.  This is no problem with most applications, but I'm not sure what to do with Apps that save the data themse