Checking my Gmail account - mail is not checking automatically

I moved my Domain over to Gmail for email hosting. Works great, and the web interface is vastly superior to my old ISP's webmail.
But my iPhone refuses to go get my mail at regular intervals. The phone can check mail with no problems, but it does not do so automatically. I have to actively check for new mail or it will not download anything.
How can I fix this?


Seems to be a bug in v2.1. There's a long thread on this (so long, in fact, that the Hosts closed it and opened a continuation thread, since the original was too long to display properly in some browsers).
Basically, if the iPhone is asleep and running on battery power, it ignores the Fetch interval specified in Settings, and only checks mail if the iPhone is woken up and used for something (sometimes, the Mail app must be launched).
We're hoping for a fix in v2.2.
EDIT: If you're interested, here are the links to the original thread and the continuation thread. Thanks for the !