Chart not showing last data point

I have a chart that contains data points, 11/15/2000, 11/15/2001, etc.  Each data point is plotted in a line graph.  There are 11 data points, from 11/15/2000 to 11/15/2010.  For some reason, the last data point is plotted on the line graph but there is no label for it on the x-axis. Does anyone know why that may be?
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Zack H.


Need more info.
Version of CR and any patches installed?
Thank you

Showing one data point on a line chart - X-axis label placed away from its actual position

Hi Guys,      In line chart, i used CircleItemRenderer to show single data point. It shows correctly if it is single data point. But the x-axis label placed away from its actual position. Right now it displayed left most position where the line chart

How to get the last data point from a TDM file in LabVIEW?

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Hi,         We are using ECC6HPUX11Oracle and patch level is 17. We have recenlty upg the supp pack. Our issue is DB02 is not showing last years Space history. We have other Env of SRM SCM and XI where there is no problem with the Space - hi

Popularity Trends not showing any data

Hi, we are using SP 2013 RTM version and it is not showing any data in the usage statistics when we run the popularity trends reports. Is this a bug with SP 2013 RTM version? or am i missing something? Thanks techieHi, Per my understanding, Popularit

LV7 How to click on an xy chart and identify the data point selected

I have an xy chart displaying a time chart showing points when faults were identified, and want the user to be able to touch the plot area and for that data point to be identified so that the main display can be switched to the appropriate data. I ha

BI7.0_WAD3.X - Pie Chart- Always shows 2 decimal point

Hi, <u>Info:</u> <u> BI 7.0, Stack 10, FE 1100, WAD 3.X</u> <u><b>Problem 1: (Pie Chart) :</b></u> : a. I am unable to  make the Pie chart show percentage in one decimal point. (EG:  56.3%). b. The Pie chart

SYSDATE not showing proper date

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Event Management Datasources 0SCEM_1 ,2 ,3 not showing any data in RSA3.

Hi Experts, I am trying to load SC Event Management data into BW. On the source system side , I did following thins, Still I'm not finding any data in RSA3.  a)  Use Tcode- /SAPTRX/BWGS and i) Set the BW upload mode to V1 u2013 Direct Delta Upload ii

Extension is not showing up data after extending necessary VO in SSHR

Hi, I have created the extension on exisiting VO using the Jdeveloper guidelines and placed it on the appropriate location in the app-tier. I have migrated the substitutions in to the database. After bouncing the apache, I am not getting the data for

Mail 4.5 not showing any dates other than "Today" and "Yesterday"

All of my mail messages are dates 5-01-13 except thos that are "Yesterday" ort "today.  The settings in my System Preferences are correct and all other programs are O.K.  Only mail seems to be the problem.  Any ideas? SassHi there, I'm also

Report does not show updated data

Hi, We are currently testing our AV implementation. AV server, agent and collectors are up, but the reports are not being updated. Reports are showing data as of Dec-22-2009, which is when the last time the unix servers (for both AV and source dbs) w

Links in Reports Not Showing Correct Data

Good Afternoon! I've recently found that the links in some reports are not working as they should.  Below is an example from a report I just tried: Example I ran the report "Count of all instances of specific software registered with Add or Remove Pr

Table Refresh not showing correct data

Hi , Jdeveloper version I am facing issue regarding data refresh on table whenever value changes in LOV. Here goes the usecase : Please not I m not using ViewLink ( as some constraint in my project.. this is a sample to replicate ) LOV to

Java chart not showing - Safari security settings

I am trying to open charts and graphs at and I receive an error message 'your security settings have prevented an untrusted application from running'. I updated Java and I am running os x10.9.1 with Safari 7.0.1 It seems no ma

Export to PDF from Infoview does not show correct data - CRS 2008

I have a problem where users attempt to export a report from the Infoview interface to a PDF.  The report shows correctly in Infoview while in Crystal Reports format, but when the use exports the data, the data changes and shows different values.  To

2009 rollup not showing any data for full year

Hi forum, I have a structure for time which rollsup months to quarters to year in BPC. For my 2008 hierarchy I can see data in full year but for my 2009 hierarchy I can see no data coming through for full year (although I do have data in the individu

Bex Analyzer not showing unicode data correctly

Hi all, we are currently testing unicode data with BW. when desplaying the data in BEx Analyzer 3.5 there is  some data that sows as #. not all. The connection from BW tosource is unicode and the other side around. The data is stored as unicode in BW

Disk Quota Warning Job Not Showing Latest Data

Hi, I received warning email about "Approaching Web Site Storage Limit". The old quota is 4GB, the old warning limit is 3.8GB. I increased the quota to 5GB and the warning limit to 4.8GB in Central Admin. The following week, I received warning e