Chart Error - scroller positions should be positive and integer

Hello Expert
I have created a flash chart with two filters on the chart region.
i) &lsquo;Select list with submit' ----- (:P23_TRC)
ii) &lsquo;Radio button with submit' -----(:P23_IMPACTC)
The chart should display as per the filters selection.
However, I get the error message "<strong>scroller positions should be positive and integer</strong>", once, whenever I load this chart page for the 1st time in a new IE window.
After I change the filter's value it will work perfectly fine.
In filters default value is one value from respective filter list of value
If I remove the filter conditions from chart query, it works perfectly without error.
<u>Here are my chart series queries</u>
select null link, V.LOB label, COUNT(TR) "Customer Care"
Where V.ProcessArea like '%Customer Care%' and (V.TR = :P23_TRC) AND ((V.IMPACT = :P23_IMPACTC)OR (:P23_IMPACTC = 'ALL'))
group by V.LOB
order by V.LOB
select null link, V.LOB label, COUNT(TR) "Sales"
Where V.ProcessArea like '%Sales%' and (V.TR = :P23_TRC) AND ((V.IMPACT = :P23_IMPACTC)OR (:P23_IMPACTC = 'ALL'))
group by V.LOB
order by V.LOB
<u>Customer XML</u>
&lt;?xml version = "1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone = "yes"?&gt;
&lt;chart type="Stacked Horizontal 3DColumn"&gt;
&lt;animation enabled="yes" appearance="size" speed="10" /&gt;
&lt;hints auto_size="yes"&gt;
&lt;text&gt;&lt;![CDATA[{NAME}, {VALUE}]]&gt;&lt;/text&gt;
&lt;font type="Verdana" size="10" color="0x000000" /&gt;
&lt;names show="no"/&gt;
&lt;values show="no" prefix="" postfix="" decimal_separator="." thousand_separator="," decimal_places="0" /&gt;
&lt;arguments show="no" /&gt;
&lt;column_chart column_space="3" block_space="12"&gt;
&lt;border enabled="no" /&gt;
&lt;block_names enabled="yes" placement="chart" position="left" &gt;
&lt;font type="Verdana" size="10" color="0x000000" /&gt;
&lt;background enabled="yes" type="solid" color="0xffffff" alpha="0" /&gt;
&lt;base_area enabled="no" /&gt;
&lt;chart_area enabled="yes" x="215" y="50" width="705" height="500" deep="0"&gt;
&lt;background enabled="no"/&gt;
&lt;border enabled="yes" size="1"/&gt;
&lt;x_axis name="Line of Business" smart="yes" direction="horizontal" rotation="-90" position="left_center" &gt;
&lt;font type="verdana_embed_tf" size="14" color="0x000099" bold="yes" align="center" /&gt;
&lt;y_axis name="No. of Process" smart="yes" position="center_bottom" &gt;
&lt;font type="Verdana" size="14" color="0x000099" bold="yes" align="center" /&gt;
&lt;values /&gt;
&lt;legend enabled="yes" x="935" y="50"&gt;
&lt;names enabled="yes"&gt;
&lt;font type="Verdana" size="9" color="0x000000" bold="yes"/&gt;
&lt;values enabled="no"/&gt;
&lt;scroller enabled="no"/&gt;
&lt;header enabled="no"/&gt;
&lt;background alpha="0"/&gt;
<strong>Help please!!!!! It's urgent</strong>


Hi Rima,
I found the solution,
My graph is dependent on the page items. What I found was when I load the page, item default value was displayed but it was not stored in the memory. Item value only gets stored in memory when the page is submitted.
Line: -----
Soultion : - Create a page level before header process and define the default value over here as well. This will resolve your error.
Hopefully you understood what I am trying to explain. If not let me know and I will trying to put in picture and email you.