Change of User Status for SDHF transaction type

We have a requirement to change the user status of transaction of type "SDHF" creted using CRMD_ORDER.
We are using FM " CRM_STATUS_CHANGE_EXTERN" for the above requirement, but stuck with the following error "Status REL is not allowed". On analysis of error, it is observed that the FM is not changing the user status to a status with higher status number than the present status.
Eg: If the current status number(Code - PMAP) is 35 and the required statusĀ  number (Code - REL) is 40, then the FM is throwing the above error. we cannot change the status numbers, as this will lead to re-alignment of statuses which is not acceptable.
kindly help with the solution for the above error or is there any FM or other method of achieving the same requirement.
Points wil be awarded for the helpful amswers.


Since the status has no number it will appear under statuses W/O number bottom right in status overview window.
These status will appear as additional text beside current user status. For example if user staus is BUG and status without number is DFL and sets when deletion flag is set and gets deleted when it is revoked than user status will appear as
Deletion flag set.
When deletion flag revoked.
You have to live with it. I don't think there is a way out for that.
Saikishore Ganga.