Change HDD on MCS7835H2-K9-CMB1

We have MCS7835H2-K9-CMB1and we want to change all the hardisk. My question is, if we buy the spare part "HDD-7835-H2-72=" at cisco, is the sparepart include the Call Manager X.X? or we must reinstall the Call Manager?


Hi Paolo,
actaully I tried, but the same result, so that's why I choose the the old version to near the previouse version in the CUE, I believe is 2.x.x. Any other idea?

A1145 imac g5 isight, freezes after 2-5 mins and then there no power from keyboard and mouse. Changed HDD and no luck and on the install page it freezes. You have to force it to shutdown and leave it for 5-10 minutes and try to turn it on again AHT Passed

A1145 imac g5 isight 2.1GHz , freezes after 2-5 mins and then there no power from keyboard and mouse. Changed HDD and no luck and on the install page it freezes. You have to force it to shutdown and leave it for 5-10 minutes and try to turn it on aga

Is it possible to change HDD disk to SSD disk after buying ?

I want to change my disk after buying my MacBook Pro because of the huge price. Can i do this ? Or maybe it's impossible ?Yes, you can do that. Visit OWC to explore their Data Doubler that will let you put an SSD or HDD in place of the optical drive.

Change HDD to SDD

I have macbook pro 13 early 2011 if i change my HDD to SDD i still have ox reinstall with this feather Command (⌘) and R keys for recovery partition??You really can't use the Command and R keys to get to Internet recovery after you've replaced your d

Change HDD in L35w-b3402?

Just purchased L35W 2 in 1.   Hard drive is incredibly slow.   Anyone have suggestion for faster hdd in 1 TB size? Also looking for how to.  I've changed many hdd's before but never in 2 in 1 tablet. TIAThere's a teardown video for a Toshiba Click he

Change HDD from MBA 1st generation

Hello, My MBA have a problem whit his original HDD, and i would like to know if i can change this HDD from my MBA 1st generation to a HDD samsung zig pata 120gb?s The original HDD is an HDD samsung 60gb ZIF pata HS082HB. Thanks! MDI suggest that you

After change HDD for my MAC, How to transfer music, video and app from my IPAD to new iTunes

after change Hard disk for my MAC, How to transfer music, video and app from my IPAD to new iTunes,you can only transfer music and video you bought on the ipad this is don by choosing it in the menu called transfer purchases to itunes or something li

Will HDD exchange to SSD cancel my guaranty?

Hi, Do i loss my guaranty if i change hdd hard drive for a ssd drive?No. You will not lose your warranty. Be careful. If you need some help let us know.Read other 2 answers

HDD for Lenovo T61 6458-6QG

Hi! I have laptop T61 6458-6QG and want to change HDD to one of 500Gb. Which make and type of HDD to buy? Which one is the best at this moment for this laptop? Solved! Go to Solution.Hello, The latest firmware for the Seagate Momentus XT hybrid hard

HDD Seagate Constellation ES.3 (4 TB) - Areca 1882ix - issue

I have externmal Backup, 5x 4TB Seagare Constellation ES.3 in Raid 5(4x4TB) connected via  SAS (SFF-8088) + 1x 4TB as Global HotSpare, also controlled by Areca. Since i got those 5x4TB Seagate Constellation ES.3 4 TB-drive i had problems all the time

HDD makes "electronic" noise

Hi I have HP Pavilion 15 P079R15. When its working weird electronic noise (its like a sound when two electrized object contact each other). Frequency and loudness of this noise is very random, sometimes its very loud that makes me feel uncomfortable,

Q180 full HD video max 17 frames..

does somebody have the same problem with hd videos on q180? i have good sound at mkv files but video is very very slow. o have 4 gb ram. 720 videos are fine but 1080 doesnt. i already actualised catalyst and drivers but still nothing. somewhere i fou

MSI KT3V and Radeon 9100

I have this mobo + graphic card, Athlon XP1700, and i have some sort of compatibility problem. When i install Windows 98se, DirectX 9 and any catalyst newer than 3.2 i've got ddhelp error communicate (always when i close simply tetris 4000 game). I c

Dual graphic options with AMD A8-4555m+RADEON HD 7600G

Hi,      New HP user here, I had a HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-b153cl for a couple of months, enjoyed it so far. I have read reports on better game dev support for AMD crossfire recently. I'd like to know what upgrade options are there.  From what I ha

Imac is hang when itunes updates applications

Hi guys. i have iMac 24" C2D 3.06, 4G ram bus800, HDD 1TB...It runs well but one thing. When i login my iTunes account, choose update mobile applications, iTunes will update...after 3-4 apps update done, then it is hang, iTunes is hang and my iMac is

U330 hard drive replacement

Simply, is the U330 hard drive user-replaceable? My girlfriend's laptop hard drive seems to have given out.  I'm traveling to meet her this weekend and would like to swap it out for a new one.  (I've done this many times with other brand laptops but

Tecra M3: black screen on start, vertical lines on external monitor

Hi all, I've been searching a lot on the Internet for a solution to this specific problem I have but could not find a thread with exactly the same problem.I have a Toshiba Tecra M3 with WinXp SP 3. Two weeks ago I encountered problems with starting u

Change my HDD into SSD

i bought my 15inch macbook pro 2011 summer, and now i want to change my hdd into ssd, can apple help me do this?I purchased a 120gb OCZ Vertex plus.  I noticed a huge difference in boot up time.  with a regular hard drive it took anywhere from 25-30

HDD Change - Will I loose Apple Care?

Greetings from Germany, everyone. I buyed a MacBook Pro (mid2012) in August... 2012, together with Apple Care. It came with a 750GB HDD which I now want to swap with an SSD. Here's my question: Will I loose my warranty (Apple Care) if I open my MacBo

Customer changed permissions on root level of server OS HDD!

Client has managed (not once, but three times) to entirely mess up their server. 10.5.. on a G5 XServe The IT idiot went into server Admin, clicked the root HDD, and changed permissions to be shared with EVERYONE. The first two times we had a Time Ma