Cant get online when using password

hello i have a question about connecting with airport. for some reason i cant seem to connect at my friends house (where i do most of my work). He gave me the correct password and i can see the port so i know im not out of range. the strange thing is that when i go to an internet cafe that dosent require a password i have no problem getting online.
I tried it at another cafe that gave me their pass and it didnt work again.
seems that when i need a password even if i have the right one i get the internet bars but when i open firefox or safari it says im not connected to the internet. ("not associated with any network")
any ideas or setting i can try to change to get this thing online?


Hi, and a warm welcome to the forums!
Sounds like there might be more than one issue here.
Are any of these you have trouble with a generic name like "linksys" or such?
At your friends house check the IPs and Server of one that is connected & yours that is having trouble...
Find IP on computers...

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