Cannot run java application in Win XP

I worte a java application(a Swing app), I test it and run under win NT, it works fine for me.
Then I recompile it in my WinXP using j2sdk1.4.1_02, run it in a command prompt, but it does NOT start up the application, I check the window task manager, a java.exe already startup and it eat up 100% CPU of my XP, but the application never been startup.
My Swing application is not a JApplet but a JFrame.
Does anyone have the similiar problem?
Thx in advance


Try adjusting your path settings to stop using the MS VM (did you recently use win update?):
My Computer->Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables
System Variables -> "Path"
If it currently starts with:
change it to:
If you haven't set JAVA_HOME, create a new variable like:
JAVA_HOME = C:\j2sdk1.4.1_02
Note that using the ".;" before path makes the current dir's executables take prevalence over a same-named executable in a subsequent path.
Putting "%JAVA_HOME%\bin" before "%SystemRoot%\system32" makes certain that the current java.exe gets used (not Micro$oft's java.exe)
Try it, hope it helps,