"Cannot Find Audio File", Garageband

Mac OS X version 10.6.8
GarageBand 08-Version 4.1.2 ·(248.7)
This is a issue which goes back to 2005 on some forums, and in my case, has just occured. There seems to be thousands of people effected.  After 3 years of using GarageBand for language studies, I'm now afraid to open any file with this software. Some 3 years work potentially lost.
Please don't suggest I upgrade my software. This problem occurs in all versions of Garageband and OSX. I was thinking of buying a new MacPro but so far I could not risk it with this problem unresolved.
When I try to open a file, which up to recently functioned perfectly, I get a message "Audio File Not Found...Skip or Search". Regardless of which option I chose, a file opens but with no audio content.
Below are extracts from some of the solutions I've come accross on Forums.None have worked for me, despite some promising suggestions.
For instance I don't have "Working Copies" file on my computer.
Any comments from Apple would be appreciated.
Extracts from some previous Contributions
1. Quit GarageBand.
2. Goto /Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Working Copies
3. Delete the Guitar Lesson 2_Chords - G, C
4. Start GarageBand up and enjoy Lesson 2.
If i had to guess i would say it looks like there is a cache created when you start a lesson and it must be easily corrupted.
It may have happened to me by having a download interrupted and I tried to run the Lesson anyway. Or perhaps trying to run the lesson mid download, i believe i may have tried that too in my impatience waiting for the Lesson. Either of those scenarios i could envision creating a corrupt "working copy."
You went to the Library file path that is in your user folder. You must go to Macintosh HD and go to the main Library folder and follow the path Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Garageband/Learn to Play. Then you can delete the lessons you don't want.
MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
Christoph Drösser
Re: garageband saying "audio file not found"
Apr 29, 2012 11:59 PM (in response to cole91)
Hm. Saving the project might have actually killed your recording. The only way to get back to your audio clips is: locate your project in the finder, ctrl-click it, select "Show Package Content", and look into the Media folder. If the folder is empty, I'm afraid the recordings are gone for good.


there is something completely wrong. You should see the following options:
Does your song project show with the Guitar icon and the filename extension "band"?
And does it say "Kind: GarageBand project", when you select the package in the Finder?