Cannot Add new fields to standard QM datasource

I got this erro when I try to add new fields from LBWE.
Field ZZRFKIMG cannot be selected because of unit field VRKME -> see long text
Message no. MCEX032
Field ZZRFKIMG cannot be transferred, since its unit field VRKME is either not in the communication structure, or was purposefully excluded from the selection.
If you have chosen your own field, you must also create a user-defined unit field in the append and use it accordingly.
How can I resolve it.


My Understanding is that if the field is available in the Pool in LBWE then no need to enhance the datasource.
In my case the field is available in LBWE though it is ZFIELD (ZZRFKLMG and ZZNETPRC).
In RSA6 I added the this unit
ZZMEINS     MEINS     UNIT                                                                           Base Unit of Measure
ZZWAERK     WAERK     CUKY                                                                           SD Document Currency
I went back to LBWE and try to add the following Zfieds (ZZRFKLMG and ZZNETPRC) and the error is same.
Now I try to add the the field directly in the append structure * ZZMC05Q02ITM* but its asking to maintain the ref table and ref field.
I added ZZMC05Q02ITM as ref table and ZZRFKLMG as ref unit and  I still get errors.
I am are that if I maintain it in RSA6 then I need to write user exit in CMOD but since it is available in LBWE I want to get it from the pool.
I have tried this and there was no errors during activation
ZZRFKLMG     ZZRQE_RFKLMG     QUAN     QMFE     ZZMEINS     Notification quantity in base units
I gave the table name and Unit.
Despite adding it, I still get data even though I did not used LBWE pool.
thanks alot SUV123
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