Can we add new fields to the seeded AdvanceTable

I wanted to add new fields like LOV's to the seeded Advance Table AccountsDistsAdv Table in the page CheckoutDistdPG. This table is associated to the View Instance PoReqDistributionsVO. I am planning to add 6 LOVs to this table. How can I take the view attributes if I add these fields to the seeded Advance Table as I can be able to take from PoReqDistributionsVO only which are not available in this case.
Can you please let me how can I do this.


See data is coming from LOV VO that is fine. But as you want to save this data as well while navigating from this page to other and back to this page. In that case There must be a
VO based on which all columns of the advance table be based on. So you have to attach your fields with that VO then you should be able to navigate as well.
More precisely i will say that for LOV field there will be two VO one that will populate the data of LOV and second that will save the value that has been picked from the LOV.
Hope i make it clear!!!