Can't uninstall firefox 31.1 on windows 7

I have tried to uninstall it using the option from the program and features area in control panel as well as from the uninstall folder in the programs file folder. I have ran this both as a regular user and as administrator with no success. I will go through the uninstall process and finish and asks me to reboot my machine. When I do the reboot the program is still their and will not remove.
I am trying to uninstall and re-install Firefox to solve another issue. I keep getting an adobe flash plug in needed when ever accessing a site using flash. I have already installed the latest version of Abode Flash and I have even re-installed it. I kept getting the same error. I do not get this error when I use Chrome or Internet Explorer.
I have also downloaded the latest copy of Firefox and installed it to see if that would correct any corruption and that didn't work either.


Thank you for the tip but we just discovered the problem. Our work installed a McAfee suited that prevented us from uninstall and installing programs even though we had admin rights. We had to stop the McAfee services to get everything to work properly.