Can't synch photos with NANO

I just purchased my nano. I was able to synch all my songs through ituns, then i tried to synch pictures. I went into EDIT and then PREFERENCES. Th edialog box that came up, had several tabs at the top, one of them was "iPod" I choose that one, and then I could see my choices to identify which folder my pictures where in. As soon as I clicked on ANY items on this page, iTUNES shut down. I have restarted my computer 3 times, and the problem occurs at exactly the same spot, As soon as I get to the iPOD tab, and try to select any option on that tab, the iTUNES shuts down.
I can not synch with any pictures. What is going on?
Thanks for any help or suggestions someone might have. Sounds like a bug to me, since it happens in exactly the same spot each time,


hi Patrick!
1 - Yes I do get an error message, it asks if I want to send a report to iTunes.... and I always say yes.
oh good gracious. that's the error message that i would have expected if you still had a QT 7 public preview beta in place and were encountering a variation of this problem:
... but if that was the case i would have expected to have seen "7.0.2<something>" in your QT "about" screen.
we can try something experimental if you like. it's plausible that you've actually got a very-subtly broken QT 7. (i've seen
b different
odd behavior in the itunes preferences fixed by a QT reinstall.) so let's try applying the technique from the Apple KB doc
b anyway
to see if that fixes the problem. (best probably to switch your antivirus and antispyware off prior to uninstalls and repair installs too. i've seen those packages interfere with with QT 7 installs/uninstalls before.)
if that doesn't work, we can try replacing the "repair itunes" step with an "install a QT 7 standalone" step. there's a link to a a QT 7 standalone install inside here:
Scott Patrie, "Installation hangs on "installing QuickTime"", 10:33pm Oct 7, 2004 CDT
download and save the QT 7 installer to your hard drive. (we'll run the installation from there rather than online.) switch off antispyware and antivirus prior to the install.
keep us posted.
love, b