Can't i upload files from pages to gmail email

so when ever i try to attach a file from pages to my email to send it it doesn't work.. it says 1k and attachment failed ..


In reality, Pages v5.2.2 is a directory with files in it, not the appearance of a single document that the Finder presents as a user friendly gesture. In order to send a Pages v5.2.2 directory, as a single document that Gmail will permit, you must right-click on the Pages document, and from the contextual menu, choose compress. Now, you effectively have a compressed directory with a zip extension added to your original filename. Gmail and dropbox can now deal with it.
To unzip that Pages document, you only need to double-click on it in the Mac Finder. In Apple Mail, you can use Quick Look on the attachment, and ask Quick Look to unzip it for you and view in Pages v5.2.2.