Can't get rid of "Inconsistencies in your sync information ...."

This pop-up message keeps appearing every few minutes on my MBP ... no matter how often I Sync. I use to get it a few times a day with my 3G, but now that I have a 3GS, I'm getting it every few minutes ... since also buying and setting up MobileMe.
This is really irritating ?!
How do I take care of this situation?


No, as I said, it's gone from a few times a day with my 3G and no MobileME to every few minutes with the 3GS and MobileMe. It's gotten worse since setting up MobileMe, ie. it was there with the 3GS and got worse when I started up MobileMe. I've gone through all of the settings ... I think ... but it's still happening even though one would think it would go away after syncing