Can't get group messages from iphone user

I use to be able to get group messages from an iPhone user when I was using my Razr Maxx but switched to an iPhone for a couple months, then back to the Razr Maxx and now I can't get group messages from my iPhone users. I'm using the same text message service I was using before trying an iPhone so I don't know why I now can't get group messages.


I can't receive group messages from iphones

I just upgraded to a Sony XPeria Z3 and was assured that I can receive group text messages sent by iphones. I started a group message with two iphone users and am not able to receive their messages within the group, but they can receive mine. Is ther

I can't get text messages from iPhones on my new galaxy 4

I just got a samsung galaxy 4.  I have an iPad. Now whenever a iPhone user tries to text me it doesn't go to my phone just my iPad. I went to Apple support and unregistered my phone but it still isn't working. What do I doDid you disable iMessage on

Still can't receive messages from Iphone Users

Greetings, I know there are many topics asking similar questions if it's googled, and I think I have read through almost all of them to no prevail. I know veterans of these boards probably get tired of seeing the same topics, but im desperate and wil

How can I recover deleted messages from iphone 4?

How can I recover deleted messages from iphone 4?You don't. E-mail is kept on your e-mail server. Have you failed to import your photos to your comptuer regularly? If so, then they are likely gone.  You can try restoring from backup.Read other 2 answ

Can't get my pictures from iphone to computer (windows)

I can't get my pictures from iPhone to computer. However, it does work from computer to iPhoneRead this...  import photos to your computer... As an added note, if you are trying to use photo stream, that will only w

Can't receive group messages from other iPhones

Why can't I receive group messages from other IPhones? Apparently they can see mine, but I can only see the messages of the one friends who has a Andriod phone.Your iMessage needs to be activated correctly.  Try looking here:

I have 2 email accounts set up. I can now get new messages from one but not the other one.

I followed the steps outlined in a previous message. I have a Yahoo Small Business Account. I think all of the settings are correct. I can't see any new messages on one of the accounts. One message from 7-20-14 keeps coming up over and over. When I p

Why can't I receive text from iPhone users?

I recently switched from iPhone to Samsung and now I cannot receive iPhone text. My provider said it is a apple problem with I message.  I am frustrated I have followed all the steps to remove my number from the iPhone but nothing has worked.  Apple

How do i group message from iphone?

Just want to send a group message. If you download the whatsapp app, you can set up a friends group on there. Failing that (if you just want a one off), start a new message and once you have added your contact to the "to" field, press next to th

Cannot recive message from iphone users on my new phone

I updated to an android based phone and now I cannot recive text messages from anyone who is using an Iphone.If you had done a forum search before posting, as suggested, you would have found hundreds of posts with this same subject. Call Apple and th

I can not recieve messages from iphone users

I switched from an Iphone to a galaxy s4 active and now can no longer get texts from some iphone usersHi, mr1125.  Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.  Here is an article that will help you troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing wi

I can no longer receive standard text messages from iPhone users after switching from iPhone to Galaxy S4

Can i unregister my cell number from imessage without unregistering my product from apple?Yes. other 2 answers

How can I get my ringtones from iPhone 4 to the 5 thanks

I have connected my iTunes to laptop and I cannot get my ringtones to my iPhone 5s can somebody help me thanksWhere are the ringtones now? If they are on your iphone and not your computer, then put them on your computer from your iphone: FIle>Devices

TS4268 I now have a samgsung s4, but previously had a iphone 4s. Now I am not getting texts from iphone users. I think it has to do with imessage, but how can I fix?

I am not receiving messages from iphone users after switching from iphone 4s to samsung s4. I have a tmobile account. Please help.If you no longer have the phone you will need to contact Apple support to deactivate iMessage. Use the following link th

HT4528 New phone wont receive texts from iPhone users

I just switched to the Galaxy S4 and I am not receiving messages from iPhone users because of the iMessage. I already went into my Apple ID account to remove my number but they still aren't coming through.This is what you should have done, to prevent

Can't get texts from iphone users on galaxy s4

I have a samsung galaxy s4.  All of a sudden I can't get texts from iphone users.  I used to have an iphone.  What do I doIf you're in the U.S., go here, choose "Your Products" on the left, and unregister your iPhone:

Hey How Do I Get Group Message On The IPhone 4s because some reason it doesn't want to show . First i did is setting then messages  it only show imessage and message count )HELP)

ey How Do I Get Group Message On The IPhone 4s because some reason it doesn't want to show . First i did is setting then messages  it only show imessage and message count )HELP)At the bottom of the page Settings > Messages you should have a section h

I set up my sons ipod touch with my apple id and he is getting text messages from my iphone

I set up my son's ipod touch with my apple id and he is getting text messages from my Iphone.  How can I set up Imessage from his email account instead of my email/phone #?You can go to Settings>Messages>Send and Receive and uncheck the phone number

How can I get my messages that are on my iPhone on my iPad, if I have two different telephone numbers?

How can we get messages from iphone and view them on ipad?Are you running iOS 5 on the iPad? If so, on your computer log in to and click on iWork. Click the gear icon on the upper right, and click upload document. Once uploaded, it