Can't find an InfoObject but it is activated from Business Content

When I review the Business Content component on the left hand side for the objected type InfoObject 0HIER_NODE, it is activated. But when I try to find it from the InfoObject component on the left hand side or RSD1, it is saying that the 0HIER_NODE is not found or entry is not selected.
How can I get to use 0HIER_NODE to map to the InfoSource? I can't seem to find it.


Hi Voodi,
Our requirement has to do with using the Z table to fill the table from the R3 side to do both the R3 and BW authorization restrictions. We are tansferring the data from the Z table to BW to the ODS to generate the profiles. I hope it is making sense so far.
The problem is the following:
1. One of our hierarchies is manually created that there is no root but ony the yellow InfoObject symbol (first level) and then the green InfoObject symbols (second level).
2. The other hierarchy is created by using BW07 that has the root node with the vanilla folder symbol (text node) and the second level node with vanilla folder symbols (text node) and then the green InfoObject symbols for the third level.
3. There are differences between these hierarchies, and the ODS InfoSources are mapped:
A. 0TCTNIOBJNM -> Yellow InfoObject symbol (for example, 0COSTCENTER)
B. 0TCTIOBJNM ->Green InfnoObject symbol  (for example, ZDEPARTMENT)
According to what I have seen, the hierarchy for item 2 is the way to create hierarchies, similar to what the white paper "How to ... Work with Hierarchy authorizations" illustrates the procedure to set up the authorizations for hierarchies.
I have to make changes to the ODS InfoSource mapping in order to make use of hierarchy item 1 because we are using the Z table to generate the profiles.
What would you do? Certainly there is a difference between using the the Z table and using what SAP suggests per the How To paper. I think my explanation makes sense..
I also wanted to add that the authorizations set up at this time works for item 1 but not for item 2. This is the reason that the text node is mapped as a constant.
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