Can't convert MOV to AVI - turns black

hi all,
i've converted thousands of files to AVI from MOV's....suddenly, when i convert them, they turn black
i ususally convert from Uncompressed MOV to Uncompressed (using NONE codec) AVI and no problems.
but now, the file just turns black
i also have Perian, and have enabled/disabled, but no luck


Use MPEG Streamclip. It is free. 3GP format is usually for phones so you may want to try that, admittedly pretty tiny blocky video. MPEG Streamclip does export to AVI though you need to know what codec the Treo supports. The is because AVI is not a codec it is a container like MOV and can have any combo of video and audio in it. You can have an AVI with a clip with WMV video and MP3 audio or H264 video and AAC audio and the possibilities are endless.