Can't connect to any wireless network after waking from sleep

I have a Netgear wgr814 wireless router and a Powerbook 12" 867mhz. A few months ago, every once in a while when the PB awoke from sleep, it would not be able to connect to any wireless networks. My network showed in the airport menu, but the computer would not connect to it. I believe that the network settings show a self assigned IP of 169.x.x.x. Usually I can see 4 networks in the airport menu, but when it gets in this state only mine shows. Nothing I did on the computer side could make the computer reconnect: renew dhcp, restart, reseat airport card, etc.
After trial and error I found that if I restarted my router, the pb would reconnect and all would be well. The problem occurred about once a week for a while. Since resetting the router fixed the problem I thought that it may be my router so I updated the firmware. After doing so, the problem didn't occur for about a month, but now it happens at least once per day. Resetting the router always fixes the problem. I don't have to do anything to the PB. Once the router comes back up the PB obtains its IP and is happy again.
I'll mention that a Dell Laptop on the same network never has any issues and when the PB loses connection the Dell is always fine.
What could be doing this? My PB is over 3 years old, so is the airport card starting to die? That's the only thing I can think of.


hi there
alright.... I tried a bunch of things and I'm not exctly sure what I did that did the trick, but I got the problem solved. I turned off the WPA encryption on the AP. Then I turned it back on with a different password.
I wonder if the first password I had was too short and that was some how causing confusion.