Can't change external editor. Why?

I use iPhoto 6.0.3. I have Photoshop installed and was using it as the external editor in iPhoto. I've not bought and installed Photoshop Elements 4 and installed it.
If I Control click on a photo in iPhoto, the only option I still have is Photoshop. You would think I would have the two options to select to edit it but, I can't see anyway to change it to Elements or use Elements.
iPhoto won't let me change external editors.
Any help appreciated.


I think you can only specify one external editor. It's selected in the iPhoto 'preferences' pane on the General tab. Revisit that window and pick the 'edit photo' chooser. When you pick the Photoshop entry it will allow you to select a different application (PSE4) as the alternate editor. Then you can go back and select the default way to edit and control-click ought to give you what you want.