Can no longer connect with itunes store to watch movies. How come?

I have been using Apple TV to watch movies on my television set for several months with no problems. The last movie I watched was on Nov. 22/13, but since then every time I want to rent a movie, I am unable to access the itunes store. I get a message saying Unable to sign In and that I should try again later. I have tried about 15 times over 2 days and keep getting the same message. Oddly enough I can actually watch the preview of any movie, but when I go through the process of actually renting the movie, then I get the message that I am unable to access the itunes store. What is the solution? Same problem with NETFLIX.


Try running iTunes Diagnostics and pasting the output here.
What firewall software are you running on your computer? Try to set it up again or uninstall it (for testing purposes only).
Also, take a look at this Apple document -> iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting