Can no longer connect with itunes store to watch movies. How come?

I have been using Apple TV to watch movies on my television set for several months with no problems. The last movie I watched was on Nov. 22/13, but since then every time I want to rent a movie, I am unable to access the itunes store. I get a message saying Unable to sign In and that I should try again later. I have tried about 15 times over 2 days and keep getting the same message. Oddly enough I can actually watch the preview of any movie, but when I go through the process of actually renting the movie, then I get the message that I am unable to access the itunes store. What is the solution? Same problem with NETFLIX.


Try running iTunes Diagnostics and pasting the output here.
What firewall software are you running on your computer? Try to set it up again or uninstall it (for testing purposes only).
Also, take a look at this Apple document -> iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting

All of a sudden I can no longer connect to iTunes store. There is no error message - it just hangs.

After 3 years of happily using iTunes store all of a sudden I can no longer connect. There is no error message, the attempted connection just hangs. Why?I ran the iTunes diagnostic and got a positive result - I am, apparently, in contact with the Sto

After installing the latest itunes/quicktime update, I can no longer access the itunes store and my iphone does not complete syncing. What can I do to fix this?

After installing the latest itunes/quicktime update I can no longer acces the itunes store nad my iphone does not complete syncing. What can I do to fix this?  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling itunes.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled win

Why can't I connect to Itunes store, after updating my ipad to OS 6?

Why can't I connect to Itunes store, after updating mt Ipad to Os 6?Saw this on another post. Applecare Senior Advisor Txx Bxxx (I have his contact info in an email he just sent) just confirmed with me that the problem people are having with the App

Problem after updating to iTunes 10.5 on Windows Vista.. I can no longer access the iTunes store..

Hi After updating to iTunes 10.5 on Windows Vista I have found that I can no longer access the iTunes store... I am left with a blank iTunes screen with the loading bar stuck at halfway.. All other features seem to work... only opening  the iTunes st

Since updating my iPhone 3gs to ios6 I can no longer connect it iTunes. How can I fix this?

Since updating my iPhone 3GS it IOS6 I can no longer connect to iTunes. How can I fix this? I checked the settings for iTunes and it appears to be correct.I have now managed to sign into iCloud but I still don't seem to be able to sign up my Apple ID

Why can't I connect to iTunes Store when I try to purchase an application?

Why can't I connect to iTunes Store when I try to purchase an application?Hi marlonwanawan, If you are having issues connecting to the iTunes Store, you may find the following article helpful: Apple Support: Can't connect to the iTunes Store http://s

After installing IOS 6 on my Ipad i can't anymore connect to iTunes store and iMessage. Anybody has an idea why ?

IOS6When I try to connect with iMessage, i have a message saying Imposible to connect with iMessage server. Retry (this a translation from a french message). When I try to connect with Itunes or when I try to go on App store, I have the message Conne

Can you still connect to iTunes Store with v.7?

Like numerous others who have posted here (most without receiving responses, it would appear), I'm getting the "iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable" message and have been for a long time. I've begun to suspect that the store may no longer al

Can't connect with iTunes store.

The past few days I've experienced some issues dealing with iTues store. Whenever I try to perform an action in iTunes that requires my computer to acces iTunes store or the ipod utdate center etc, I recieve the same message,; that I need to check th

TS1368 I can't connect with iTunes store.

My computer just says iTunes has stopped working and Windows is searching for a solution; then shuts down. I have tried updating, uninstalling and reinstalling, updating Microsoft, and nothing works. HELP!!!!!Hello babsbuff, It sounds like you can't

I can no longer see my iTunes store credit balance

A couple weeks ago, I wanted to check my Apple ID credit balance but have been unable to successfully coerce the iTunes store to tell me what it is...  I used to be able to very easily get this information from iTunes on both Windows and my iPhone. 

TS1424 my pc will not connect with itunes store it keeps giving me the (0x80090318) error

hello my itunes is not allowing me to connect to the itunes store. it keeps coming back with the (0x800903) eror anh help would be apreciatedHi there michael j d hehir, I would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps found in the article

I can no longer access my itunes store account

When I try to log into my itunes store account information, I keep getting this weird error message that says: We could not complete you iTunes store request. An unknown error has occurred (5002). There was an error in the itunes store. Please try ag

I can no longer connect with others using FaceTime after the mandatory update

I updated my iPad software and now when I try to connect with someone using FaceTime I can never fully connect. Can anyone help me or seen this issue?Unable to make or receive FaceTime calls after April 16, 2014 Usi

After updating to 6.1.3, my iPhone can no longer connect to iTunes, or my computer at all.

Pretty much what the title says. I updated my iPhone to 6.1.3, and ever since, it has failed to be recognised at all by my PC Before I updated, it connected fine. After the update, the only thing that would show up is the charging screen, otherwise,

I cant connect to itune store from my iphone how to do it?

I have new iphone 4s.I have opened apple id with password.whenever i try to get in to itune store i am denied access with a message ; 'cannot connect to to itune store' how do i go about it?Are you able to browse internet on the Computer...? What is

IPhone and iPad can no longer connect to iTunes Libary via Remote

Up until a couple of hours ago, I had no problems controlling iTunes on my MacBook Pro via my iPhone or iPad. Now, on both devices, I get an error saying it can't connect to my Library. All devices are connected to the same network. I get the error w

HT4623 I just updated my iphone 5 to the latest update: 6.1.2  After update was complete, I can no longer connect with my local network, apps no longer are transfered to my phone.  I lost all of my apps and music and can't get them from my computer to my

Has anyone else had trouble with update 6.1.2 for I phone?  After the update, I can't get back on my network (password is correct), ICLOUD doesn't transfer my downloads, nothing seems to work.  It saved my calandar and address book, but lost all of m

TS1398 Why can I not connect to itunes store on iphone...sometimes I can and sometimes I can't.. lately cannot

I turner Wifi on and off.. turned phone on and off, plugged phone into computer.. nothing is workingI am able to connect to internet. Just when I go to update anything in apps it says Cannot connect to itunesRead other 2 answers