Can I Raid 0 only 2 drives?

I need a faster setup on my Mac Pro.
I need the drives only for transcoding video.
Now I have 4 (Slow-5200 RPM Hitachi 1 TB each) in my Mac.
I was planning to remove 2 of them and replace them with 2 WD VELOCIRAPTOR 10.000 RPM and Raid 0 them. Capacity maybe 300 GB each.
Not so important, because I need those drives only for faster transcoding.
All others I want to keep as they are.
Will that work?
I got an increase in transcoding speed, after I moved my videos from the Drobo (iSCSI) to one of my hdds internally.
I am sure the 10.000 RPM will speed things up.
Do they run very hot?


I was mistaken...... my 2 TB Hitachi are all 5200 RPM.
I just checked, the 1 TB drives I have in my MacPro are all 7200RPM.
So there would not but much gain, if I change them to 10.000. Except for Raiding 0 them.....
I think, a SSD drive as sys would be nice, but even my 1 TB is almost full!
I don't think, there are affordable... if any 1 TB SSD drives on the market.
Same if I buy 2 VRs, they for sure will be cheaper than 1 600 GB SSD.
All i want is, footage to be transcoded, copy from my data storage (drobo) to the fast VRs.
From there, I edit, transcode to the same drive, when done, transfer the transcoded footaqe to my data storage.
The raw footage on the VRs I just delete, because I have it on my data drives anyway.
Any better (faster) suggestion?
Are you in Tokyo?