Can I have an image as a back up in case flash doesnt load?

Hi, I was thinking....for all those people that come to my site - is it possible to have a back up image if the flash doesnt load?
The current code is:
<div id="mainBanner">
          <div id="so1351">You will need flash to view this element<script type="text/javascript">
               var so1351 = new SWFObject("/media/11695/29042009.swf", "flash", "994", "224", "8", "#FFFFFF");
Anyone know? All comments very appreciated!


wow - thanks for your advice.
Would that be simple code like <img src="/image.jpg">?
Really? Wouldnt that overide the flash or doesnt it work like? I guess I need to try and see first.....
thanks again, any additional comments would be very gratefully received.