Can Apex Do This?

I've built a mobile app using Oracle Mobile Server and need to create a rudimentary web interface that manipulates the same data. I'm trying to determine if I can install APEX on the same server and rapidly create a web interface that can do the following:
1) Create 4 different user types with different permissions while using the same login credentials as Oracle Mobile Server
2) Only show certain forms for certain user types
3) Create a form that can take in a few fields, and determine if there is a duplicate record already in the database
4) If not, show a form to enter the rest of the info
5) Change the branding to not show Oracle Application Server, but our own company.
I obviously haven't dug too deep, but I'm hoping someone can help me answer these questions so I can start learning APEX.


Not familiar with the Mobile Server technology myself, but I'm guessing that you intend to install APEX on the database server that you synchronize with. So, based on this assumption:
1. You can create an authentication scheme based on your authentication framework used. See documentation.
2. Create authorization schemes to control page access. See documentation.
3 & 4. Sure you can, but you're probably in the best position to figure this out.
5. Definitely. You can customize your own APEX themes or tweak existing ones to suit your corporate requirements.