Can an intel cam be used with a powerbook G4

intel cam model CS330
powerbook G4 has no isight/cam and runs OS 10.4.11
No macintosh drivers for the intel cam were found, only for windows OS.
Any suggestions for a driver? Photo-booth gives a "no cam found, in use by another program" when launched. No other programs are running.


I suspect you're out of luck on a driver. OSX has drivers built-in for many devices, and for those those that don't exist the devices either have them on the device ROM or in unusual cases, separate drivers supplied with the device. There's a lot of devices that simply don't work on Macs.

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Recommendations for Semi-Pro or Pro HD Video camera to use with fcp and Mac

Recommendations for Semi-Pro or Pro HD Video camera to use with fcpX and Mac with auto settings and ability to override, need to add external mic or 2.  Am one person crew so needs to be easy to use.And check out the Panasonic AG-AC90.  Very good spe

Camera for use with Cisco Unified Video advantage?

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Can HP ProDisplay P201 Monitor be used with HP desktop modelm p6130y?Roy, welcome to the forum. I believe that the monitor should work with your computer.  Here is the User's Guide of the monitor.  The max resolution for the monitor is 1600 x 900.  H

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I CAN'T GET MY BLUETOOTH MOUSE TO PAIR,A quick definition of cursor cur·sor  (kûrsr) n. Computer Science A bright, usually blinking, movable indicator on a display, marking the position at which a character can be entered, corrected, or deleted. [Mid

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HT1338 where can i get a flash drive for my powerbook G4? or where can i go to get help with my powerbook G4

CAn someone help me?You mean an SSD drive to replace the internal drive?  Won't work.  Your powerbook has an IDE/ATA drive interface so you need an SSD with a PATA interface.  I know used to sell Transcend PATA SSD drives, but they do

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Can Labview 5.0 be used with NI DAQ 6.8.9. The Cards I am using are IMAQ PCI 1411, 6013 and PCI DIO 96. Should this combination work together ?The most recent version of hte NI IMAQ software is version 2.5.5. You may want to replace version 2.2 with

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This question concerns the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter described at the below link: When running Windows 7 via Boot Camp on a 2011 Mac Mini, can the above adapter be used with a VGA monitor?Thank you for