Calling web service in Oracle Applications...

Is there any way we can call web services in Oracle Applications?
I am using 11.5.10 verison of Oracle Applications.
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Hey Ravi,
Thanks for your response. I am not well versed with Java. I am using Forms 6i to achieve this. I dont know what java code do I have to put in the custom directory.
The procedure I am following to call web sevice is as follows:
1. Using the webservice URL(.wsdl URL) I am creating the Java class (web service stub) in Jdeveloper.
2. Deploying this Java class into a JAR file.
3. Then I am placing this JAR file in a directory which was spcified in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and CLASSPATH including the name of the JAR file.
4.Then I go to Forms 6i and say program --> Import Java Classes in my form, it gets the webservice java class and converts that java class into PLSQL packages.proc/func.
Can you please send me an example how you did this to my email?
My email ID is "[email protected]"
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