Calendar with Drill Down Report

I am new to Application Express.
Please any one tell me step by step how to make calendar with drill down report.
Waiting for valuable reply.


Not sure if this is what you wanted, but I have links on a calendar, and when you click them, it branches to another page with details about the event.
To do this, create a calendar region. The SQL statement should have at least 2 columns: The date of the "event", and the text to display as a link. You should also choose a primary key that you want to pass to the drill down report when the user clicks. Something like this:
select hiredate date_scheduled,
          ename display_column,
   from empIn the calendar attributes of that region, there is a place to designate which column is the date, and which should be displayed. Go down a little further and set the column link. Put the page you want to show the drilldown report on, and set any variables you need to.
Hopefully that helped. Its pretty simple once you play around with it - start simple and then once you get the hang of it, make it more complex.