Calendar recurrence

I don't see a yearly recurrence for birthday events in Calendar. If I enter one and then advance a year it's not there. Any one know if there is a way? I don't see myself entering them again every year.


Hey quakersteve, the calendar on our webmail have basic functionality not like a calendar on a regular mail applications like Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Eudora and Windows Mail. 
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Repurpose Recurrence button in calendar view outlook 2013

Hi, in outlook 2013, when you select a recurring appointment item with in calendar, recurrence button does appear in main menu(was not there in outlook 2010 or 2007). I need to re-purpose that button. I have used the techniques suggested in the blogs

Portable User and MobileMe iCal

Hi, Not sure if I should post this to Collaboration Services or here. I use the work iCal server as well as my home MobileMe synced calendar. All worked fine. My home Mac picked up all my iCal calendars. I have recently changed my work account to a p

Calendar - How can I expand the recurrences of a recurring item in ItemAdding event receiver?

When a user add a new recurrence event to a calendar I want to check if any of the recurrences overlap with events already in the calendar. I saw the property Recurrences Data and its XML but I didn't find a way to translate that value to dates I can

HT2513 I can't delete events recurring annually...not part of birthday calendar, one's I've added manually.  I've tried delete key, cut event, changing to no recurrence, they just revert to original recurrence and will not be removed from my calendar.  Th

I can't delete events recurring annually...not part of birthday calendar, these are events I've added manually.  I've tried delete key, cut event, changing to no recurrence, they just revert to original recurrence and will not be removed from my cale

Repeating events and calculations in a non-resource enabled calendar?

I've got a non-resource enabled calendar containing a combination of repeating events and individual events.   There is a list of rooms that can be booked for an event. Is there any way to tell - for any particular time frame - if a room has already

Birthdays + Outlook + Calendar = Macro Needed!

Would some wonderful soul out there write a quick little macro to get this job done? Outlook comes with a simple VB macro compiler, so all the macro would have to do would be to sort the calendar by annual events, then edit each of the listed contact

Can Not Sync Contacts and Calendar to iPhone Since iTunes Upgrade to 7.6

Hello, I have an iPhone and iTunes installed on my PC--which is running Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP2, and I only sync my Contacts and Calendar using the sync functionality through iTunes and MS Outlook 2007. I was on iTunes 7.4 and everything wor

Accidently created event to repeat every day in Calendar, how to remove?

I was trying to put it every week and instead made it every day, now my calender is filled with a meeting everyday. Anybody know how i can clean that, or reset my calendar?Open the calendar event and adjust the recurrence. Or, just delete the event a

Outdated all-day calendar event notifications coming up daily on my new Z10 -how can I stop them? HELP!

When I got my new z10, I used the Blackberry Desktop to transfer things like calendar entries, tasks, and memos from my old BB Bold to the new phone.  The memos transferred fine, although it took me awhile to locate them in the "remember" folder

Calendar bug? - get today's deleted recurring appointment

When user delete a recruring appointment, BB will pop up a window to let you select by "Delete the series"  or "Delete this occurrence". if user selects "Delete this occurrence", meaning only delete current occurence happened

ICloud not syncing with Outlook 2010 Calendar

First I should say that I had successfully setup iCloud with all my devices:  iP4, iPad2 and Win7 PC with Outlook 2010.  A few days ago I had to reinstall Outlook.  I re-installed iCloud via Control Panel and successfully downloaded the iCloud Calend

This calendar item shows itself as every week.

I created a calendar item at work with Outlook, exported it to an .ics and e-mailed it to my home. When I open it with iCal, it shows up as every week. I deleted it, went back to work and tried again. It is a once per month item at work: BEGIN:VCALEN

Can't delete/update calendar and to-do items

Hi, I am trying to use my phone with my Outlook calendar, but PC Sync does not seem to work properly when I delete or change a calendar or a to-do item - either on the phone or in Outlook. If I try to delete an item on either side, it gets re-created

Nokia Suite crashes during Outlook Calendar and Ta...

phone: Nokia E71 While debug I get: "Unhandled exception at 0x00000000 in NokiaSuite.exe 0xC0000005 Access violation." error I recently upgraded MIcrosoft Office from 2007 to 2010 version, the problem started after the upgrade. I have been facin

"unable to represent server recurrence properties ...

I am trying to use use mail for exchange on my E72 device. my mailbox resides on Exchange 2007 server. When I try to sync a calender item that has any kind of recurrence, the items do not sync and I read a "unable to represent server recurrence prope

How do I sync recurring google calendar meetings?

While recurring meetings in Google Calendar sync with Thunderbird / Lightening, I am unable to get a change to a single meeting within a recurrence to sync (deleting a single meeting within a recurrence or changing the time/date), even though the mee

Calendar Recurring meeting Meeting workspace link disappears

I established a recurring meeting, and set the parameter to establish a meeting workspace for each meeting. Prior to editing the meeting, the meeting workspace link appears on the meeting properties page (linked through the calendar.) Once I edit the

O365 Calendar query - cannot identify recurring events

I am having trouble finding a way to efficiently handle recurring events through the O365 API. There does not seem to be a straightforward way to identify if an event recurs. I am using the O365 API to display calendar events within a specified day o

Timezones in Calendar

Hi, I've created some recurring events in my MS Outlook calendar. The times for these events have a timezone of "Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London". When I sync the events onto my iPhone, the new events have a timezone "GMT". Because o