C6180 Printer visual keyboard lacks $ symbol

I am trying to configure a C6180 for wireless use, but my WEP passphrase contains the $ symbol. I cannot find a character set on the options to enter the $ symbol.<br><br>I just bought a new Envy and before I open the box, was wondering if it will have the same limitation? I rather return it than go through the hassle of changing my router and all the devices.


I read this response while searching for a solution to a similar issue. I recently gave up on supporting some legacy devices and changed my network from WEP to WPA, but my WPA passphrase includes symbols that are not included in the C6180's virtual keyboard. I did as this post suggested and downloaded the latest installation software for my OS (Windows 7 64-bit). I uninstalled my printer software and then ran the installation software.
However, when I get to the network installation portion, I do not see any option to transfer my network settings via USB. I am simply prompted to use the network setup wizard on the printer, which also does not appear to give any option to transfer settings via USB.
I'm now stuck with apparently no way to connect my printer to the network except to change my WPA passphrase to use only symbols included in my printer's virtual keyboard. I don't find that to be an acceptable solution. Could you please provide any assistance?