BT infiniy Peak time speeds

Hi friends
Can some one advice me if there is speed throattling i mean restricting the speed during the peak time between 6.00pm and 12.00am by bt BT infinity ...........
Also is unlimited in BT infinity means u can download 300GB permonth
Upload speed will there be a speed restriction for that during peak time
Looking forward to hearing from u guys.


lucky u jj
i see speed drops of over 50% from 35 down to around 10 in the evening at peak time. it shouldnt be this much of a drop.
so somethings are still not right for alot of bt infinity users
subair37 u need to read the fair usage policy​95/~/bt-broadband-fair-usage-policy
it dosent mention inprint the 300gb cap for unlimited. but u'll see it mentioned in the forums. they will then throttle u down to 2meg for a month at peak time
it also mentions p2p throttling at peak times
but is vague about upload throttleing/shapping/managment
Upstream restrictions may be in place at other times. so for all we now could be all the time 24/7 or not at all or peak time. ..who knows
not v transparent that