Browsers and msn does not want to acces the internet

I'm using a WRT54G Wireless router, my pc's connected by a wire and my laptop is connected wireless. Everything was working fine till I decided to reset the router back to factory standards because I forgot my password to acces my router settings page. Now some programs can still acces the internet, like skype and world of warcraft, While other programs like my browsers, msn and almost everything else doesn't want to connect to the interet.
Also I can't view the folders I share on my network.
Can anyone help me out here?


Did you reconfigure the router again? Check the DNS servers assign to the PC, make sure it is public DNS. Do a MAC clone on the router and power cycle, try to ping to the DNS server assign to PC. If you can ping to DNS and still could not access web pages, reset the winsock or run winsockfix on your PC.