Broker Commission for Export

We have a need to pay commission to export broker based on value of sales order.
Is it possible to create a shipment cost document where I accrue freight for a carrier and also accrue commission for an export broker based on sales order value?
I would appreciate your reply.


Any inputs on this from experts
In export sales , we are going to some commission amount to commission agent .
How to map in SAP???

Load Program for Export Licenses

Does anyone know if there is a load program for export licenses or is the only way to do it is to use transaction /sapsll/lclic01?Hi, As far as I know you have to create them all one, by one manually by using the transaction. Upload is not possible.

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"Excise Invoice is not meant for Exports".

Dear All, I am facing a problem while creating ARE1 for Export Sales. At the time of creation (Tcode - J1IA101), when i am giving the outgoing excise invoice number, in the given field, system is saying that "Excise Invoice is not meant for Exports&q

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Multiple HTS classification for exports

Hi, Is it possible possible to assign 2 HTS numbers for same material and same regulation for export purposes If it is possible, which HTS number is determined for export customs document and how it is determined ThanksFollowing message received from

Excise invoice for export

Friends, While creating  excise invoice for Export sale, we are not able to get value for Education cess and Secondary higher education cess, whereas with same configuration we could able to get all values for domestic sale. What coudl be the reason?

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Hi, XI uses default directories for exporting and importing Integration Builder objects, and there is no option to change the directory or to pick up objects from another directory. Does anybody know of any way we can change the default directory tha

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How do i create a PDF, or convert a jpeg to PDF for export?Oped the .jpg image in Preview    HD > Applications > Preview Then from the Preview menu bar click > File > Export Select PDF from the Format pop up menu then click Save.Read other 3 a

CIN Details for Export Customers

Dear Sirs, I need to make excise invoice for export customers. To make excise invoice, I need to maintain CIN Details of customers in J1id. But, for export customers, these details are not available. Can you pl suggest the way out. Regards,hi in j1id

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Can I make changes to the InDesign file after it's been Packaged for Export (correcting typing errors) or do I have to go back to the original file to make the changes and then re-export.  Thanks!Try this in the Adobe InDesign forum, you are now in t

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Hello, I was wondering what format for audio file would be best to embed for exporting to pdf. I want to embed the audio file in a button, for playback on mouseover in the exported pdf. Previously, when I had CS3, I actually had to convert my mp3s to