Bridge won't open images

When I double click an image in Bridge, the image won't open in Photoshop. That's only one of numerous problems I am having with the Bridge that came out with PS CS3, but this has just occurred in the last day. I restarted the computer, but that doesn't work. Any suggestions?


AFAIK, you need to open Bridge, use cmd K to access Prefs, and make sure the box that enables that double click action is checked. hth, kl

Bridge won't open files

I work on a Mac and recently upgraded to Yosemite.  I hate it.  It is way too slow.  Now Bridge won't open my files.  I have purged the cache several times and it just gets worse and worse.  Any suggestions?Problem solved.  I reset the preferences an

Bridge won't open automatically

     Just upgraded to CS5 and switched to Mac at the same time, so the learning curve is driving me nuts.   My current problem is that I can't get Bridge to launch automatically, even when I set the preference.  But more importantly, when I press "do

Bridge won't open JPG files in Photoshop CS3

I changed my preferences to remove the check-box "prefer Adobe camera RAW for Jpeg and TIFF files" , restarted Bridge and tried to open a JPEG from bridge directly into photoshop. But double clicking on the image in bridge opened "paint&quo

CS3 Suddenly Won't Open Images

I've been using CS3 forever with few problems. All of the sudden, today it quit opening images. The program loads and opens without any problem, but I can't open any images. I have rebooted about 5 times and disconnected all plug-in equipment (ipod,

PS won't open image from Bridge

If I double click on any psd file or select "Open with Adobe Photoshop CS5" in Bridge, it will start up Photoshop but it just sits there without opening the file. I've checked the file associations and everything looks good. It seems to know tha

Adobe bridge won't open photoshop cc

How do you open a file from Bridge directly into Photoshop 2014 cc's ARC rather than into Photoshop CS6's ARC?Probably same fix posted on Feb 5. If the person posting the original post would Mark post correct then people would know problem has been s

IPhoto won't open image due to folder permissions

So, I have 2 accounts on my Mac, my wife's and mine. Our iPhoto folder is stored in the shared folder, to avoid redundancy. When she uploads pictures on her profile, I can see them in iPhoto on my profile, but when I click to view the image fullscree

Mac Pro/Bridge won't open 5DIII imported CR2s in Camera Raw, from desktop. Updates are current. WTF?

I have a Canon 5D Mark III and also just got the Mac Pro. Everything worked fine on my old iMac with CS6. I just put the software on the Mac Pro and made all the updates; none of the CR2 files will open in camera raw. The JPEGs are showing up with th

Bridge won't open

I'm running CS3 on Mac OSX10.411. Bridge will not start up. I've been using it on this same configuration for over a year.You can restore Bridge preferences by holding down the Option key immediately after launching Bridge. In answer to your other qu

I have bridge open, but it opens images in Windows Photo Gallery

I have been trying to open some images, but it won't open them in Photoshop,  If I double click on a raw image it opens it in Windows photo gallery.  I have to right click to get it to go to camera raw, what has happened.Sorry just assumed you would

Using Bridge to Camera Raw to Open Image button also drop shadow problems

I remember when I was working with RAW in PSE 8. I would be in Bridge looking at a pic and double click on it. PSE 8 would open in Camera RAW and I could play with the pic a bit, make some adjustments, then click on OPEN IMAGE. When I did that it wou

Bridge won't allow me to open Camera Raw because a qualifying product has not been launched, any suggestions?

Bridge won't allow me to open Camera Raw because a qualifying product has not been launched, any suggestions?Actually, it may be more to it. I just wasted good 7 hours on the issue: I transferred a big external drive from old WinXp system to my new W

Images saved in Photoshop CS6 as PNG or jpeg won't open on Windows computers

I recently saved an image on Photoshop CS6 as a PNG file so I could send it as an attachment to a client (who uses a Windows computer). They told me the file wouldn't open and instead showed as an "Unknown File". I tried opening the file on my W

Preview won't open JPG image on a USB stick.

Preview won't open 'JPG' images downloaded from a USB stick. I get this message, "The image"IMG_0091.JPG" could not be opened"  It may be damaged or use a file format that Preview doesn't recognise. I can see the thumbnail, but they wo

Bridge CS5 won't open at all, crashes immediately

Hi you guys, I have been using Photoshop CS5 for a number of months now, without any problems. Yesterday, just suddenly, Bridge just bombed out. And I mean it crashes completely, not even a spinning ball or a 'stop responding', it just disappears fro

Safari won't open / enlarge image thumbnails

Hello, When on websites that have image galleries or thumbnails to enlarge, such as Carsales / Real Estate style websites, Safari won't open or enlarge the image when clicked upon. This seems to be only as of the latest Java update. Any help would be

After CS6beta install, how to I tell CS5 bridge to open images in Photoshop CS5?

I am not ready to do all of my work in CS6 now, I am just trying to learn the interface.  But now I cannot opening anything through bridge or windows explorer using Photoshop CS5 at all.  The only way that I can open any image file in CS5 is to do it

Bridge won't write metadata; Photoshop will

I have some TIFFs created from scans. Here's the problem I'm seeing. When opening the image in PS CS5 I often get a message saying This file contains file info data which cannot be read and which has been ignored. First, I try to change some metadata

Preview won't open pictures....or anything

So I randomly noticed just the other day that all my pictures on my computer won't open with Preview. They've randomly been set to open with Illustrator. The weirdest part is I can't even open the pictures with Preview even when I drag them to the pr