Brand New iMac and wired keyboard not working

I just bought a new iMac.The wired keyboard seems to work, the mouse is plugged into the keyboard and that works, and I can, somewhat make changes to the volume and other small changes. The ESC key works (I can turn off VoiceOver)but... I can not even get the computer up and going. I can not put in my name or other registration information.
Any ideas if the keyboard has some kind of other settings that I need to turn off. There is no software or anything else in the Mac that I know of. It is brand new and just arrived today.
Anyone have any suggestions?


I'm so sorry. I know this a bummer. But better to take it back. When you take it in, if they boot it and get it to work, make sure and shut down the iMac, wait about ten seconds and press the power button. Make sure it boots to the Desktop and that your keyboard functions as it should. Just make absolutely sure it works before you bring it back home. In fact, since you could not get through the registration process, perhaps they will go through that with you since had problems with it. Something isn't communicating between the iMac and the keyboard. Could be the USB ports, software/hardware ... hopefully they'll repair it to your satisfaction or replace it.
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