Brand new iMac 21", freeze. Mouse movies, but does nothing

We just opened a brand new iMac 21" literally yesterday (purchased within the last three weeks). It was on for about an hour with no problems whatsoever. Then, while transferring photos to iPhoto, the system interface randomly froze. You can move the mouse around the screen, but it does nothing. You can't click anything. Hard resets/shutdowns result in the system rebooting back to the desktop like normal, but the mouse stays in this semi-frozen state. You can movie the pointer, but you can't actually interact with anything to fix the problem. Nothing brings it out of this state. We're not terribly experienced with Macs (new owner) and also snowed in to boot.
Has anybody encountered problems like this before? How do I fix this freeze?
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My suggestion with a new Mac that is having those problems is to take it back to the Apple Store and ask them to fix it. Beside allowing them to solve the problem that will also give them the chance to document the problem with your Mac just in case it should happen again.