BPS Error, Not defined restriction at variable

I am getting an error message at BPS, When I am executing with trace.
Restrict variable ZPEXXXX (All Periods of Previous Year) (area ZXXXXX (XXX Sales Budgeting)) to single value
     Message no. UPC_FW111
     Variable ZPEXXXX (All Periods of Previous Year) (planning area ZXXXXX (XXX Sales Budgeting)) is defined so that the user must restrict the values of the variable (indicator 'Restriction of values required by user' is set). However, you have not defined a restriction.
     Restrict the variable or change the definition of the variable so that restriction is no longer required.
     o   To restrict the variable, choose Goto -> Set variables and search
         for variable ZPEXXXX (All Periods of Previous Year) in the list.
         Make the resriction and subsequently continue the planning session.
Please, share me a solution.


Hello Balaram,
Please check your variable settings:
(user settings, exit implementation).
Please also apply these SAP notes on your system which have helped other customers:
1144348  Cells in Web Component are incorrectly not input-ready
1173895  Cells in OWC are locked in error II
After this, regenerate the web interface and perform a new test.
It should solve the issue.
Thanks in advance