BPEL PM starts without oracle lite db

HI all,
my BPEL PM standalone starts without launching oracle lite db, i've checked the startorabpel.bat and everything is alright with this file,
i think the problem comes from the modification of obsetenv.bat: i've added
some libraries in the " @REM List of Orabpel and Orabpel related libraries " section, but even when i removed the libraries i've added the problem remains, can anybody help me please?


Install agian and if it work correct congrats, if not in the start in the star_olite.bat delete the folowing line in bold.
C:\OraBPELPM_1\integration\orabpel\bin\olsv2040.exe /debug
The idea of this is to check when ever the olite has a problem or if the olite did not stat up.
From a previous consulting, I installed BPEL in one PC and I had problem running the olite because of JVM Error. The olite indeed started, but exited inmediatly it was run, so i had to remove the exit line to see the error.