Bootcamp performance: Mac Air 11 with windows 7

I was looking to replace my wife's Lenovo U110. She needs ~11", light netbook. Her main usage is remote desktop to her office windows machine, running few company specific apps to access company resources, running MS Office applications (Word and Powerpoint)
I recently bought her Sony X, which was nice on paper (11/6", 1.5 lb, etc) but she could not stand keyboard. (I am using it now as a travel laptop and think that Intel Atom is the worst even CPU).
Anyway, when I saw new mac air 11, I thought that it fits perfectly her needs. I offered my wife to buy it but apparently that special (from company) soft does not work well with MAC OS. So, what I am thinking now is to get MacAir 11" with 128Gb SSD and to install Win 7 with bootcamp. Then she would be using it most (all) the time running win 7.
My question is, can I assume that MacBook Air 11 with bootcamp and win 7 64 bit will provide "experience" equivalent of running Win 7 on "Microsoft-native" laptop. I mean both from point of view of CPU performance (1.6 GHz should be more than enough normally, so small performance hit would not be a problem) and also the easiness of usage (software instillation, access to hardware resources, etc). I understand that bootcamp is not an emulation but I have never used it before myself...


Windows will run fine on the Macbook Air. In fact, if she doesn't like the Mac OS at all, she can wipe the drive clean and install Windows. Bootcamp is just a fancy name for partitioning the drive and easing driver functionality. There's no difference booting up Windows on a Macbook vs booting up Windows on a Dell or Sony-- it runs natively.
You will need the Mac OS usb that comes with the Air to install the Bootcamp drivers on Windows (graphics, sound, trackpad, etc...). To save both of you the headache, once you've installed the Bootcamp drivers (and updated them)- go into your notification area and open the BootCamp control panel. Select 'tap to click' on the trackpad tab, then close the control panel.
The trackpad will work just like any other PC (even better). Two-fingers to right-click, 1 finger to left-click.