BOBJ SAP Integration with Active Directory SSO via Portal

Hi all,
We are only interating BOBJ with BW/BI and the user experience is as follows:
Users login to the SAP Portal using their Windows Active Directory user id and password to gain access to the portal.
From my understanding at the moment, the way the interation kit works is that the BOBJ system is configured as per the manual importing the SAP roles and SAP users who will access the Crystal reports via either GUI or Portal.
My question is: When creating a Crystal report is created, the connection details use SAP login credentials and in the CMC the SSO option can be set so that the SAP user who has logged onto GUI or Portal can launch the report... this is fine and works as intended taken that the user logged on with his/her SAP login. As per the user experience above, users log in using their AD Login into Portal, and never use GUI, where this in theory is SSO into Portal. So how does one get past the login screens (BOBJ and database) while preserving AD SSO to SAP and BOBJ?
Any guidance, documents or comments will be much appreciated.


yes it is possible:
take a look at the blogs I did on the install and configuration (specially the SAP Authentication):
BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 1 of 4
Install Part #1
BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 2 of 4
Install Part #2
BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 3 of 4
Install Part #3
BusinessObjects and SAP - Installation and Configuration Part 4 of 4
Install Part #4
BusinessObjects and SAP - Configure SAP Authentication
SAP Authentication
Important here is that:
- the BI System is configured to accept tickets
- the portal and BI system are configured as trusted system
- the SAP authentication is configured

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