Bluetooth **bleep**

Newly updated to 10.4.1.B.0.109.  Not rooted.  Even ran a repair with a full reset after the update.  I'm having a **bleep** of a time using bluetooth and wifi at the same time.  Anyone else experiencing issues?  All I'm trying to do is use a BT keyboard while my SGP312 is connected to wifi.  I have to reboot with wifi/bt off.  I turn bt on and connect the keyboard, then fire up wifi.  If I'm lucky it'll hold.  There's a very good chance that it will NOT work after the tablet wakes up from sleep though.  I have to reboot again.  I use this for work quite frequently and is a SERIOUS PITA.


I'm having Bluetooth issues as well. Bought a bundle, XZ tablet and bt keyboard and its a joke!
Have tried apps to keep the bt up but no luck. Had the tablet replaced under warranty, the new one was good for about an hour and now its rubbish. It's driving me nuts!!
Keyboard works flawlessly with my laptop